This update was released on January 20th, 2017 around 12:15pm EST. Originally scheduled for release on morning, it was delayed for 6 more hours for unknown reason, but changes include:

  • R15 support, Berezaa did things with Miner's Haven to allow users to use a new ROBLOX feature, R15 which allows ROBLOX avatars to have 15 body parts instead of 6. There were still bugs with R15 after this update came out.
  • The two New Year's Gifts have opened, revealing new exotics, They can still be obtained via Mystery Boxes and Headless Santa.
  • Headless Santa will stay for a few more days. Unfortunately Jak'uhfdor did not come back to Miner's Haven this year.
  • Gingerbread House upgrade effects changed from x4 to x5.
  • Sweet Tooth effects changed from x20 to x25.


  • When this update was released, Miner's Haven was renamed to "Giant Survival 3" for a short time. This must be a reference to Berezaa's hatred of BuildIntoGames, the developer of Giant Survival. Berezaa hates him because of his false criticisms on Azure Mines and the way it was being developed.
Starting with the Skipped Life Update, Berezaa began releasing patch notes for his updates, from now on, update pages will link to those patch notes and additional notes and comments will be written on the pages. This means we will no longer copy and paste notes from In the case where patch notes get deleted from, TWEM will keep backups.