"A fancy diamond mine with an AUCTUAL ninja sitting on it! Drops $1k worth of diamond ore every 2 seconds."


The Ninja Diamond Mine is a Premium-tier mine. This mine's ores have a high value, so they can be great for staring players if pared with a Cell Furnace.


  • It's one of the few Premium mines, alongside Unobtainium Mine, Triple Coal Mine, Radium Mine, and the Industrial Rainbow Mine.
  • This mine is not tall enough to have an Ore Replicator placed directly under the dropper.
  • It costs 7uC and cannot really be compared to the Diamond Mine at all, as it is a direct upgrade.
  • The ore dropped from this mine used to be $80, but Berezaa buffed it in The Overnight Update to $1k. This makes it weaker than the Painite Mine due to its ore value of $1.6k per ore.
  • On the item description, you can see a spelling mistake at the word "ACTUAL", that shows as "AUCTUAL".
  • The Ninja Diamond Mine, along with the Sacrad Katana Stand, used to be only receivable via the Ninja item pack gamepass.