The Noobcaik is an Included ROBLOX catalog item that can be obtained in Miner's Haven. Noobcaik is a cake that is mispelled as the first part of the name suggests it's from a noob in some way and "caik" is a misspelling of the word Cake suggesting that noobs cannot spell.

This gear allows users to throw the cake at another player. The user who is hit by the target gets spammed with words that fill his/her screen and drop their current equipped item. Similar to the words above the Attack Doge, the words are related to the keyword "noob" with different colors.

The main purposes of the Noobcaik is to troll friends and other players and to get their item (which could be making them faster). The Noobcaik may be used more than once, as the item regenerates after the effect wears off.


  • The Noobcaik is considered the most annoying item added to Miner's Haven due to its effect, which overlays your screen with "noobish comments", as stated by the official ROBLOX page.
  • When Berezaa released the previous mini-update for Miner's Haven, featureing the new inclusion of the R15 ROBLOX animation set, the Noobcaik became un-usable on certain users playing with R15. If thrown at an R15 user, the Noobcaik has no effect; it just bounces off. It is hoped to be fixed in the near future.

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