"Dubious Noobius is a very strange and even rarer creature. They have the ability to crate Noobite Mines, which make more money the richer their owners are."


The Noobite Mine is a Vintage-tier mine added in December 2015. 

It has very special ore in the fact that the value scales up as you get more money, and has the unique appearance of imitating a noob's head. Ore value ranges from $10k to $500M, reaching a cap once the player obtains $1O or more; this is shown when the ores have the head shape. After the player has reached $100qd, the Noobite Mine will stop working on cell furnaces with a few exceptions.


  • In the item's description, the word "Create" is misspelled as "Crate".
  • Noobite Mine is one of several droppers in Miner's Haven that have a special effect. Others include the 'Ol Faithful (also a vintage), Wubium Mine, Autumn Breeze and Spooklord-95,000.
  • If the ore was upgraded enough (and by specific upgraders) the ore will turn into silver color instead of the regular yellow.
  • After the ore is upgraded more than 50 times, the ore will turn brown. (still not confirmed upgrade number.)
  • When maxed ore goes through a Tesla Resetter, the ore will turn into a cube, and the face will be gone.
  • For some reason, in, the mine always works with cell furnaces.
  • It used to work on the Blind Justice, but unknowingly got patched.
  • The noob on the mine can be whacked by certain melee weapons and the noob can either get poisoned (Venomshank), blackened (Darkheart), captured in pink mist (Illumina), or "banned" (Banhammer).