"Onyx is such a rare material that it is difficult to consistantly mine the same amount. This mine is the closest it gets to perfection."


The Onyx Mine is a Divine-tier mine released in The Resurrection Update. The mine was first revealed on Berezaa's Twitter on August 13th, 2017. The Onyx Mine drops ore with varying ore size and value, ranging in the trillions.


  • The word "consistently" is misspelled in the description.
  • The Onyx Mine and the Emerald Mine are the first two droppers to be added into the dropper shop since 2015.
  • This is the only multi-spout dropper in the dropper section of the shop, with the removal of the Crucible Iron Mine. It's also the first multi spout dropper to be added in the shop thats worth over $25Qn (the price of rebirth on your first life).
  • The item's price is $1DD, matching the minimum cash requirement of the Overlord Device.
  • Onyx, like several other ores in the game, is real.
  • This item is the third most powerful mine in terms of raw ore value, beaten by the Diamond Breech Loader and the Gargantium Mine.
  • The Onyx Mine produces the smallest ore, with 0.1 studs in size.
  • It was the first and only item to display 1000 (1000UD). All other items/money used 1k.
    • This has been changed to display 1 DD.