"A small beacon that is hooked up to a matching satellite to fire down a beam which upgrades ores up to 3 times by 40%. Attaches to conveyors.


The Orbitable Upgrader is an Epic-tier upgrader. They are very commonly found in end-game setups due to it being cash-limitless. Before the November 5th tier update, it was Mythic-tier, but after the update it became Epic-tier.


  • Orbitable Upgraders by themselves can hold ore like a conveyor but it has no conveyor speed. This makes the upgrader very useful for saving ores from getting destroyed; so put Orbitable Upgraders next to a Large Conveyor Ramp and then remove the Large Conveyor ramp and replace with straight conveyors of your choice.
  • Orbitable Upgrader is one of 7 attachable upgraders in Miner's Haven. The other six are Portable Ore Advancer, Portable Flamethrower, Big Bad Blaster, Dragon Blaster, Ghost of Christmas Past, and the Dragonglass Blaster.
  • This was once Mythic tier, before it was changed down to Epic.
  • Despite the description stating you can only use this 3 times, you can actually use it 4 times on an ore; 8 times with a Tesla Resetter.
  • The Orbitable Upgrader is one of a few items that have beams. These include the Northern Lights, Quantum Clockwork, and Aurora Borealis.
  • The Orbitable Upgrader's upgrade beam actually goes below the map.