"Coordinates with satellites that collect natural antimatter in the earth's orbit and recieves incoming antimatter packages from space."


The Orbital Antimatter Uplink is a Unique-tier dropper that has a unique way of dropping ore. Rather than dropping the or e from the translucent white block of the mine, the ore falls from the sky and lands in an area somewhere in front of the uplink.


  • The chances of the ore hitting a target area are low. A solution is to surround the uplink with conveyors or teleporters.
  • The ores that fall are 90% transparent, unless gone through an ore teleporter or an upgrader, then like the Firecrystal Mine, it becomes more white each time.
  • This is the second orbital item, the other being the Orbitable Upgrader.
  • This is one of three mines that drops ores randomly, the other two being the Yunium Mine (a reborn item in the game), and the SpookLord-95,000 (a currently-unobtainable exotic).
  • This is the first and only shop mine without "Mine" in its name. There are 9 excluding excavators.
  • Receives is misspelled in the description as Recieves.

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