"A fancy and more consistant way of getting ore to hard-to-reach places."


The Ore Elevator is a Unique-tier shop item introduced to Miner's Haven on the Summer Update of 2017. The Ore Elevator was announced on berezaa's Twitter in January, then some of its stats were also leaked on the same day. The Ore Elevator did not receive any more light until April 21st 2017, where a conceptual build of the Ore Elevator was showcased. Five days later, on April 26th 2017, several builds were brought to light, and the final model was chosen.

The Ore Elevator is a simplified substitute to the Large Conveyor Ramp, featuring a teleporter sender on the bottom and a receiver just above, allowing for less space consumption if compared. It also has a significantly less chance of ores clogging. The metal support beams surrounding the teleporter sender are non-collidable, meaning Centering Conveyors are actually not needed.


Out of all the items that are only in the Testing branch, this item seems to be the most defined. The elevator has the appearance of a teleporter that moves ore from ground-level to raised-ier-level. There are steel supports partly blocking the entrances, meaning a Centering Conveyor is recommended (even though they're non-cancollide).


  • In the item description, consistent is misspelled as consistant.
  • Alike other teleporters, sending an ore into the teleport sender at high speeds will cause the momentum to carry over, possibly sending the ore off of the conveyor.