"Hoists ore onto a raised conveyor where it is then upgraded. Can only be used once."


The Ore Hoister is a Common-tier upgrader with a unique conveyor. It takes in ores from the ground conveyor elevation, then pushes them up a curved ramp onto a raised-ier conveyor above it, where it is then upgraded with a multiplier of x2.5.

As the raised-ier conveyor faces perpendicular to the ground elevation conveyor below, this can be used as a substitute for the corners of a setup if one so desires the need for raised-ier conveyors or upgraders.


  • The Ore Hoister has been confirmed by Berezaa to be the 400th item to be added to Miner's Haven.
  • This was in a tweet, which Berezaa said that it was even better than a Large Conveyor Ramp, because it doesn't clog. This may be because people complain that the ramp always clogged. However this machine may still clog if many ores get flung up at once, or while using a Ore Replicator that intersects the Ore Hoister.
  • If something is being hoisted up to the raised-ier elevation and you were to remove the item in the process, the entity will infinitely float in one direction until it is deleted. This can also be achieved by placing Ore Replicators where ore gets flung into the replicator. For some reason this won't happen as often if a player stands near the Ore Hoister.
  • As of 11/26/2017, the hitbox of this item is completely messed up making it almost impossible to use but is still possible to use for the upgrader part as it shows right there.
    • This appears to be fixed.