"Hoists ore onto a raised conveyor where it is then upgraded. Can only be used once."


The Ore Hoister is a Super Rare tier upgrader with a unique conveyor. It takes in ores from the ground conveyor elevation, then pushes them up a curved ramp onto a raised-ier conveyor above it, where it is then upgraded with a multiplier of x2.5.

As the raised-ier conveyor faces perpendicular to the ground elevation conveyor below, this can be used as a substitute for the corners of a setup if one so desires the need for raised-ier conveyors or upgraders.


  • This item has been confirmed by Berezaa to be the 400th item to be added to Miner's Haven.
  • This was in a tweet, which Berezaa said that it was even better than a Large Conveyor Ramp, Because it doesn't clog. This may be because people complain that the ramp always clogged.
  • If something is being hoisted up to the raised-ier elevation and you were to remove the item in the process, the entity will infinitely float in one direction until it is deleted.

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