Not to be confused with the Cell Incinerator.

"A high-temperature furnace which processes ores at triple their value." (CURRENT DESCRIPTION)
"An extremely efficient and expensive machine that processes ore at up to twice their cash value compared to other furnaces. Gives 2 Points per 100 ores." (OLD DESCRIPTION)


The Ore Incinerator is a Common-tier furnace and is the fourth furnace that is available to be purchased in the shop; it costs 10k and processes ore at 3x (previously 2x) its value.


  • Many players will use the three-sided furnace pad to their advantage; if they have a small space, they can rotate it so that it'll fit.
  • Buying this for the first time will award you a second Ore Incinerator, and a badge named "Stepping it Up."
  • This is sometimes mistaken for Cell Incinerator.
  • Even though the description says it's extremely expensive, it is actually pretty cheap.
  • Berezaa lowered the price to buy this item, previously 200k and now 10k during the Layout Update. This means it is no longer Uncommon-tier but is now Common-tier
  • This is cheaper than a Raised Furnace and has a better multiplier (this is 3x while Raised Furnace has 2x).