"A device that harnesses the power of a nebula to move massive amounts of ore. Requires a Nebula Reciever. Replaces Ore Pulsars. 2016 Black Friday Artifact Reward." (ORE NEBULA DESCRIPTION)
"Receives ore from the Ore Nebula. 2016 Black Friday Artifact reward." (NEBULA RECEIVER DESCRIPTION)


The Ore Nebula and the Nebula Receiver are a pair of items best used to move all dropped ore into one place. They were rewarded to players who bought the Pocket Nebula for R$200 during Black Fridays 2016 and 2017 (Black Friday 2017 had fire sales for old artifacts, this was sold for 1 hour). The player can retrieve the items from the artifacts by redeeming the code "2016artifacts".

For the Ore Nebula itself, the item is a re-skinned Ore Pulsar & Quasar. With the Nebula Receiver placed, this will teleport all dropped ore on the base when triggered. Otherwise, this will destroy all ores dropped on the base. However it is not advised to use the Ore Nebula in this fashion, as it has the longest cooldown of the Pulsar and Quasar, although this can be bypassed by a simple pick-up and replace.

The Nebula Receiver receives the teleported ore after the Ore Nebula has been triggered. This has to be placed on the base in order for the Ore Nebula to change functions between destroying all dropped ores and teleporting them.


  • Out of all the four pulsars, the Ore Nebula has the most sluggish cooldown than any other of its kind.
  • This is mainly used to save valuable clogged ores, or send the black ores in the Equinox to a furnace, so that they stay.
  • Unlike most Teleporter Receivers, the Nebula Receiver has its conveyor piece centered instead of being on the left.
  • Since the Summer/Birthday Update 2018, the Ore Nebula and Nebula Receiver are now Exotic-tier and are sold by the Masked Man as a bundle called the "Nebula System". This is the second limited-time artifact item that is made public to other players, the first being Mysterious Teleporter.
  • Ores that are flung keep their momentum. This is problematic when doing loops with Morning Stars