Ore Nebula:

"A device that harnesses the power of a nebula to move massive amounts of ore. Requires a Nebula Reciever. Replaces Ore Pulsars. 2016 Black Friday Artifact Reward."

Nebula Receiver:

"Receives ore from the Ore Nebula. 2016 Black Friday Artifact reward."


Ore Nebula

The Ore Nebula is a reskinned version of the Ore Pulsar & Ore Quasar. What Ore Nebula does differently is that it sends ore to the Nebula Receiver when on your base; otherwise the ore are destroyed. It's not a good replacement on its own of either the Ore Pulsar or Ore Quasar as it has a very long cooldown. However, the cooldown can by bypassed by simply picking it up and placing it again as it resets the cooldown.

Nebula Receiver

The Nebula Receiver is a reskinned version of the teleporters.It has a line of particle effects on top of it and spikes sticking out behind it. Instead of relying on a teleporter sender, it receives ALL ores on a player's base when the player's Ore Nebula is activated.


The Ore Nebula and the Nebula Receiver can only be obtained after purchasing the Pocket Nebula pass during Black Friday 2016 and using the code "2016artifacts".


  • Out of all the three ore destroyers, the Ore Nebula has the most sluggish cooldown than any other of its kind.
  • This is mainly used to save valuable clogged ores, or send the black ores in the Equinox to a furnace, so that they stay.
    • Might be since that this teleporter variant doesn't need use of the "Touch" event.

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