"Tricks furnaces into thinking an ore has been upgraded one or two times less than it actually has been. Only works once per ore."


The Ore Negator is a Contraband-tier upgrader that functions a lot differently than most upgraders. It manages ore tags by making the variable of the number of times an ore has been upgraded two times less, despite what the description states and can also add 30% to the ore's current value. Is not to be confused with the Tesla Resetter. The Tesla Resetter removes tags while the Ore Negator decreases the amount of times an ore has been upgraded.


  • The Ore Negator is rendered ineffective when paired with the Overlord Device & True Overlord Device as they both count as twenty upgrades. It is nullified by the Ultimate Sacrifice as well, as it counts as ten upgrades. Using this item with any of the three aforementioned items would be futile unless you are using it for the 30% ore value increase.
  • This could cause a game breaking glitch which would give you infinite cash, but it would wipe out your save data. This was fixed as of 9/30/2016.
  • Ores from certain mines still can not be used with normal cells even if they are put with an Ore Negator, such as a Breech Loader.
  • This and the Vulcan's Grasp are the only upgraders that works once even when the ore has passed through a Resetting Device, besides the Tesla Resetter or Tesla Refuter.