"A fancy upgrader which upgrades and lowers ore from high places at the same time. Can be used several times"


The Ore Recliner is a Super Rare-tier upgrader released in the Summer Update of 2017.

The Ore Recliner is a research crate item that acts as a reverse ramp, lowering ores from Raised-ier conveyors to the raised elevation safely while also upgrading the ore by x1.5 in the process. It can upgrade ores up to five times with the fifth upgrader retaining a white upgrader beam instead of blinking back to its usual blue. Using 5 Ore Recliners totals up to a multiplier of x7.59.


  • The Ore Recliner is the first conveyor/upgrader that lowers down ore to a lower conveyor instead of simply dropping the ore.
  • Creator's note - The upgrader probably turns white because it's a meshpart... oops...