"An advanced upgrader with a moving part. Any ore that gets scanned recieves a huge upgrade, but can only be upgraded once." (CURRENT DESCRIPTION)

"A high-tech machine that constantly attempts to scan ore. Scanned ore gets 150% added to value. An ore can only be scanned once. Does not affect ore worth more than $7,000." (OLD DESCRIPTION)


The Ore Scanner is a Common-tier upgrader that upgrades ore with a value under $10k? by 200% (3x multiplier).  The Ore Scanner is essentially a fine-point upgrader with a beam that moves side to side. This can prove inconvenient for users because there is a factor of luck required to get the ore scanned successfully. Although the fine point moves, it's still not guaranteed to hit ores, so players place multiple Ore Scanners to increase the chance of ores hitting the fine point.  The Ore Scanner is the first of a total of four ore scanners in Miner's Haven. The others are:  The Advanced Ore Scanner,  Flaming Ore Scanner and Twitch Scanner


  • This scanner alone is the only scanner with a money-based limit.
  • This was the first ore scanner added to Miner's Haven.
  • In the new description, "recieves" is spelt incorrectly, the correct spelling is "receives".
  • The Ore Scanner got a buff from x2.5 to x3 multiplier and a higher cap from $7k to $10k? from the 100M Visits update.