"Uses super advanced ore thermo-crushing technology to upgrade ore from 30% up to $10Sp"


The Ore Thermocrusher is one of three divine tier upgraders that was released on the second part of the winter update (December 13th, 2015) to help get players to OcD. This machine increases ore value by 30%, up to $10Sp.


  • This upgrader doesn't increase ore value by much but has a very high limit, set at $10 septillion. The fact that the limit is so high makes it very useful in many loops and setups for people trying to get duodecillions and above. This is most likely players trying to get items from the Ultimate-tier from rebirth.
  • Its design is similar to a Schrodinger Evaluator, as it appears to have a dark, housed interior with blue containers at the top instead of the side; a more futuristic theme to it.
  • Sometimes, players around low Qn and higher will receive this item in their daily gift, and sell it, resulting in a free rebirth.
  • Despite the high money cap, the Ore Thermocrusher takes very long amounts of time to reach the cap of 10Sp.