"A highly sophisticated device that tags ore with a satellite that allows you to track an ore's value."


The Ore Tracker is one of the first Contraband-tier items to be sold by The Masked Man. It was added in the Outdoors Update but was first seen the day after on May 6th, 2016. This item was previously purchased with either money or RP but can now only be bought with Shards of Life. When ores pass through this conveyor, a blue text tag will show up above the ore (much like a furnace displaying how much ore was sold for) that displays how much the tagged ore is currently worth. The tag will be removed from ore if the ore passes through a Tesla Resetter.

The tag is unaffected by Azure Refiner and Sakura Garden.


  • The Ore Tracker was first tested in late March 2016 when Berezaa mentioned the black market (the Black Market is a vendor, currently being the Masked Man).
  • The Ore Tracker was one of the first known Contraband-tier items until it was revealed that items from the alternative section were made Contraband-tier.
  • A version of this item called the "Premium Tracker" was introduced as an identical item, however the text tag is gold colored and its bought for uC instead of shards.
  • The ore value tag is unaffected by Azure Refiner and Sakura Garden, but is removed when passed through a Tesla Resetter.
  • Before the Menu Refresh Update, it previously costed RP and it was not reborn-proof.

    Effect of Ore Tracker on ores.