"An upgrader that harnesses micro-electronic technology to upgrade ores worth more than $1qd by 45% up to $1N"


The Ore Transistor is a Divine-tier upgrader. The Ore transistor was added to Miner's Haven part of the winter update on December 13th 2015. It was one of the three upgraders designed to allow players to reach OcD which was difficult at the time. The other upgraders are the Ore Thermocrusher & Suspended Lava Refiner. When the Morning Star was released, this upgrader (for the most part) lost popularity for earning high amounts of cash.


  • This item seems to be broken as of 27-5-2017
  • The Ore Transistor can be used to launch ores into Big Bertha and Morning Star with very little to no risk compared to the Ore Cannon.
  • The Ore Transistor was the most expensive shop item in Miner's Haven until the Ore Transponder was released.
  • The Ore Transistor is one of several way-up-high upgraders that are bigger than 2x2 units (it is 3x2 units). The other upgraders include the Alien Relic and The Beehive.
  • If you have obtained one of these from a daily gift or box, you can sell it and rebirth with an Overlord Device. Apart from daily gifts, this is another way for players to obtain an Overlord device on their 1st rebirth.
  • If you try to buy two Ore Transistors, the price would display $1000qdD instead of $1QnD.
  • If one looks closely, the Ore Transistor is a Way-Up-High Upgrader with added parts.