"A sturdy upgrader with a fast conveyor that doubles the value of ore up to a decillion dollars."


The Ore Transponder is an Almighty-tier upgrader that doubles ore value up to $1de.

It would be best to use this and the Morning Star, but due to the fact that this is so expensive, it would render it useless. Despite the cost, the Ore Transponder is useful to get an ore's value up to the Morning Star's upgrade cap faster.


  • This is the only Almighty tier item in the game.
  • This item is considered to be useless to players that have a Morning Star. It's questionable to add an item like this after Morning Star was added. Yet even so, this upgrades faster, takes up less space, isn't nearly as luck-based, and doesn't set ores on fire with such a fast burn time. Also, you do not have to be life 250+ to obtain it, unlike the Morning Star.
    • This item is even more useless now that the Catalyzed Star has been added to Miner's Haven.
  • This is currently the most expensive upgrader and shop item in the game.
  • This is the best loopable upgrader that is a shop item.
  • This has a high enough upgrade cap for it to be theoretically possible to use this to obtain a True Overlord Device before obtaining a Morning Star, with the presence of enough upgraders.