"A raised upgrader that increases the value of an ore by 25% up to three times with no cash limit."


The Ore Zapper is a Common-tier upgrader. This is the cheapest money-limitless upgrader a player can obtain. A large ramp is recommended in order to reach the upgrader, but a small ramp can also work, however ores may get stuck.


  • This upgrader is the first to have a height the same as the Raised Mini Conveyor or Raised Shielded Conveyor.
  • This upgrader requires a Conveyor Ramp or Large Conveyor Ramp to use due to its raised design.
  • When this item was first released, it did not have an image for it.
  • The description states the Ore Zapper can only be used 3 times, but it can actually be used 4 times (or 8 times with a Tesla Resetter, and 12 times with The Ultimate Sacrifice or The Final Upgrader).
  • Though this item is extremely cheap, many medium-to-high life players use them due to their infinite cash limit.
  • This item can only be obtained through research crates.
  • As of 2018, this item is no longer sold in the shop.