"Only at your local Pizza Hut"


OutOfOrderFoxy, currently known as Xavitha_Albino, is a semi-famous ROBLOX user who, as well as being an inactive administrator of this wikia, has obtained tons of vintages in Miner's Haven and is the owner of the Miner's Haven Custom Ideas group, which has grown immensely popular since Berezaa featured it. He is also a moderator in the Berezaa Games group.

His items added are Eternal Journey, Clockwork, Ore Zapper, Advanced Furnace, Santa's Workshop, Twitchite Mine and the Birthday Upgrader. He also runs the Miner's Haven submission group which helps user submissions get noticed by players who are in contact with Berezaa.


  • He is second for most items added into MH, only beaten out by Lucas4114.
  • Mocks berezaa by showing The Great Parasite many times on berezaa's stream and in his Custom Ideas Showcase game.

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