"I am the Submission curator for Miner's Haven, and the main submission builder for the game.


OutOfOrderFoxy, also known as Xavitha_Albino, is a semi-famous Roblox user who is most known for being the Submission Curator for Miner's Haven. He sends fan-made submissions from his Discord server (Miner's Haven Genesis) directly to berezaa, who reviews them occasionally during streams. He also owns the Miner's Haven Custom Ideas group on Roblox, though it is mostly inactive. OutOfOrderFoxy is also an Admin in the berezaa Games Discord server and Roblox group.

OutOfOrderFoxy is also known for having the most added submissions into Miner's Haven. He has 22 items added such as The Final Upgrader, Quantum Clockwork, Wubium Mine, and Spooklord-95,000. His added submission count is ahead of Vince1237 and Frenzzyy respectively.

On April 13th, 2018, OutOfOrderFoxy opened a showcase containing all of the submissions he has made for Miner's Haven. He has divided his items into many different categories, such as "Shop Items," "Award Items," and "Fusion Items." There is also an entirely different world hidden in this showcase, where you can access a "void" dimension. Inside the void dimension you can find a third set of "Enchantment Items" and a set of alien-like "Dimensional Items."


  • He has the most added submissions in Miner's Haven.
  • He commonly mocks berezaa on stream by shoving random items into his face and spamming items around the baseplate.
  • He commonly switches his name between OutOfOrderFoxy and Xavitha_Albino, though he has not changed names in a while.
  • He owns a development group for an upcoming game of his known as Trum-Bone.
  • He is the owner of a Roblox group known as M.H.C.I Official Submitters. If you are able to get into the group by getting an item added into Miner's Haven you will be awarded the Submitter Trophy in-game.