"A large upgrader which offers huge upgrades to any ore large enough to reach the upgrade beam."


The Overhang Upgrader is a Rare-tier upgrader that was added in the Second Sacrifice Update that adds a sum of $2.5k to the ore value, then multiplies it by x4. What makes this upgrader unique is that only ores with a volume 1.5 cubic studs can reach.

Regular size ores can touch the upgrader part by launching them in the air, this can be done by placing 6 Nuclear Conveyors and a Conveyor ramp or by launching the ore with a fast raised upgrader like Alien Relic, Ore Transistor, or Diamond Egg.


  • The Overhang Upgrader is one of three upgraders, with the others being Morning Star and Neutron Star that have a raised upgrader part that can be reached with massive ores without launching them.
  • The Overhang Upgrader could have been made to compensate for how many upgraders can only affect smaller ores.
  • Mines like the Symmetrium Mine are long enough to drop ores directly onto the upgrade beam.