"The staggering achievement of accruing a duodecillion dollars is now yours to show off with this upgrader."


The Overlord Device is the first Ultimate-tier item added in Miner's Haven on June 2nd, 2016. You will receive this item as an added bonus on top of your regular Rebirth item if you activate Rebirth while having between $1DD and $999DTG.

This is one of two items that requires rebirth and a specific money requirement (the other is the True Overlord Device). The Overlord Device multiplies ore value by x10 and can normally only upgrade ores once, but the ore can be upgraded again after having gone through a Tesla Resetter. This means that 2 Overlord Devices can multiply ores by x100, the equivalent of one True Overlord Device. The Overlord Device can be received as many times as you rebirth with money ranging between $1DD and $999DTG. Any more money than $999DTG and you will receive the True Overlord Device instead. You will not receive both items in one rebirth.


  • The Overlord Device and the True Overlord Device upgrade ore twenty times (relative to upgrade tags).
  • The upgrader is named after the badge "Overlord", which is obtained by gaining a DD dollars or more. (See Cash Suffixes for confusion)
  • The Overlord Device was originally Vintage-tier until Berezaa announced its tier change several minutes after the update.
  • Upon release, its conveyor was glitched by having 3 conveyors stuck inside one another. As of 10/19/17, this still has not been fixed. Due to this glitch, ores stay in the middle of the conveyor for several seconds. This can be resolved by placing a few Nuclear Conveyors or a Heavenly Conveyor before the upgrader.
  • The hitbox is wide enough for other items to be placed inside of it, similar to the Quantum Ore Cleaner or Sunken Past. However, this bug will not always take effect.
  • When a user had received an Overlord Device, a message used to appear in the chat across all servers: [User] obtained an Overlord Device!! This is no longer the case as of the 3/31/17 update, probably because obtain $1DD and over is no longer that big of a challenge.
  • The Overlord Device counts as 20 upgrades, so it cannot be used with items like Alien Relic that can lower the number of upgrades by 1. This is most likely to prevent incredibly valuable ores and easy rebirth.
  • The Overlord Device can't upgrade ores if there is another Overlord Device (like the True Overlord Device) and vice versa.
  • This is the first "Ultimate" Tier to ever be added, the second being True Overlord Device, The third being The Ultimate Sacrifice and the fourth being The Final Upgrader
  • Now that ores no longer collide with each other, players now have to use fast conveyors to get ores through without getting stuck indefinitely.