"People have been killed for painite. It is simply one of the most valuable materials on the planet."


The Painite Mine is a Unique-tier mine. This mine is great for players that reach the early trillions. Players create whole setups consisting of only Painite Mines and Sacrificial Cells to make money for end-game setups.

Unlike normal hitboxes, this mine has a hitbox that can only be placed on most corners. If placed where you would place normal mines, examples being Bismuth, Ambrosia, and Mithril, it would block off an entire conveyor section, excluding the Wide Conveyor.


  • In the Gun/Gui Update, Berezaa lowered the tier for Painite Mine from Legendary to Unique.
  • The Painite Mine is a good mine for end-game setups due to its high droprate and decent ore value.
  • Despite its unusual hitbox, items can be placed in the second mine that is out of the hitbox, making it quite handy for dropping Painite ores into teleporters or cell furnaces.
  • During the 11/13/16 update, this mine along with other shop mines had their ore values increased. This is because berezaa wanted the game to be a bit easier for new players. Specifically, the Painite Mine was increased from 1.6k to 15k.
  • This is the only mine with two parts inside the white transparent block where ore comes out.