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Perks are items that you don't actually place down on your base but they award the owner a variety of boosters. Here is a full list of perks in Miner's Haven:

V.I.P Mining

"As a professional miner with a V.I.P. pass, you're entitled to some special perks other people are not."

The VIP pass is the cheapest perk that costs Robux. It was first released in the Spooky Update for R$90 but now costs R$50 due to all passes being 30% off. VIP Pass perks include:

  • [VIP] before name in chat-
  • Daily gift drops a Gold+ Crate on your position.
  • More likely to find regular mystery boxes in Crates
  • Spawn with a doge pet
  • Better luck when opening daily gifts

Premium Mining

"The Premium miners are the wealthiest and most powerful. They command respect everywhere they go."

Premium Mining is the middle gamepass in Miner's Haven (better than VIP Mining but not as good as Executive Mining). This costs R$900 and perks include:

  • [NEW] Get a lucky clover in EVERY gold research crate!
  • [NEW] 4x the chance to open a Magnificent box when you open an unreal box!
  • 10 Crystals in daily gift instead of 1 (20 with double gift!)
  • Speak in golden chat in text and have golden particles on your character.
  • Shout for only 25 Crystals instead of 40.
  • 25 Ore Limit increase regardless of level.
  • Ignore Research Point requirements!

Executive Mining

"A gamepass for the game's biggest supporters with great perks to boast. Expensive pass, but I gotta pay for college somehow ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ."

Executive is the most expensive gamepass in Miner's Haven and obviously comes with the most perks which include:

  • [NEW] Get a unique executive-exclusive Vintage-tier upgrader item and a collectable-tier infuser item.
  • [NEW] Get 5 Inferno Boxes when you purchase this gamepass for the first time!
  • Inferno Box in daily gift
  • Get up to 6 free uC in daily gift (stacks with all other uc bonuses)
  • Red chat and red [EXEC] before name in in-game chat
  • Change the radio for free, as long as you're not skipping someone.
  • Spawn with red particles on your character.
  • Daily gift drops a special Executive Crate from the sky which raises stats and gives a random weapon for one life. Chance to obtain Inferno Boxes & Lucky Clovers.
  • Gives the deadly minigun of terror...which doesn't do anything since Berezaa removed gun scripts.

Shout Colorizer (R$50, recommended for users that shout a lot)

"Allows you to pick the exact rgb color of your shouts for all to see instead of sending a random color! It also lets you pick a background color of the shout chat instead of black!"

Sword Master

This was a previous perk that is enabled for users that bought it before it was removed. This pass grants a variety of tools including Forcefield and Illumina (the fastest and previously the most powerful sword in Miner's Haven). Those who bought the gamepass before it was removed will now get a special item with berezaa's thanks.

Miner's Haven ROBLOX shirt

This was available during the 2015 ROBLOX Shirt contest which became one of the finalists. This item can no longer be received but Berezaa offered an incentive where you would get an extra 1uC every day.

Berezaa Games Group

This perk gives an extra 2 uC and a regular box in your daily gift.

Miner's Haven Fan club

Joining this group will add a white [FAN] prefix to your username in local chat.

ROBLOX Assault Team

Joining the group will unlock the decoration item Frostarian Flag for purchase. Ranking up to a [2]Soldier will allow you to purchase the Frostarium Mine from the shop.

Miner's Haven Custom Ideas

Joining this group will not award any perks in Miner's Haven but if you're trying to get a Miner's Haven submission noticed you can join this group and present it. If the group likes it, OutOfOrderFoxy will show it to Berezaa.


Artifacts were gamepasses sold on Black Friday of 2015 and 2016 only. When the passes were released, the effects of these items were unknown but the passes weren't that expensive. Users couldn't utilize the effects of the 2015 artifacts until December 15th 2015 when Berezaa released the code open:artifacts. The 2016 artifacts Have opened up into the Part 1 Permanent perk and Part 2 Permanent Items.

2015 Black Friday Artifacts

Gambler's Dice

The Gambler's Dice was related to Lucky Clovers, which was added in the Secret Update. Gambler's Dice awards Lucky Infuser, an infuser that gives a 2x chance to get Lucky Clovers from Research Crates.

Shoddy Crate

The Shoddy Crate artifact awarded 1-3 Wooden Crates in your daily gifts and gave 15 Storage Conveyors

Super Snowflake

Increases the player's walkspeed by +2 for every Gold crate touched and daily gifts award +10 walkspeed. The Super Snowflake also gave players an Undead Santa.

2016 Black Friday Artifacts


This is what happens when you try to touch a Fake Crate.

Pocket Nebula

On 12/9/2016, Part 1 of the Black Friday artifacts were unveiled, granting players who bought it a Fake Crate Spawner. On 19/12/2016 it opened Part 2, unveiling the Ore Nebula and Nebula Reciever to those who bought it.

Giant Crate

RobloxScreenShot12102016 161856210

The Giant Crate.

The Giant Crate as of 12/9/2016 drops a Giant Crate upon opening a daily gift. You also get a 1/10 chance of getting every box in your Giant Crate. (Inferno, Unreal and Regular.) On 19/12/2016 the giant crate opened into three Tiny Iron Mines, which are quite small indeed.

The Planet Mars

RobloxScreenShot12102016 192622445

An example of an ore traveling farther in lower gravity.

The Planet Mars changes your private island to the surface of Mars, which increases crate spawn rate and has lower gravity, which affects everything, including ores. This is permanent. On 19/12/2016 Planet mars opened up into the Martian Friend, a gravity coil giver, that has an alien next to it.

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