"A fresh upgrader that uses the power of pineapples to increase the value of ore by 100%. Comes with the purchase of a private island"


The Pineapple Refiner is a Premium-tier upgrader that has a pineapple theme which sets it apart from other items in Miner's Haven. It was inactive from October 10th, 2015 when Private Islands were discontinued until May 5th, 2016 when Private Islands were brought back as VIP servers.

Before it became inactive for 7 months, Pineapple Refiners were given out to players who rented a Private Island for 1 week. After it was brought back, players now have to pay R$100 for a VIP server to receive a Pineapple Refiner.


  • This item used to be a reward for renting a Private Island, but now it's a reward for purchasing a VIP Server.
    • The description hasn't been updated since, and still says that you obtained it for purchasing a private island.
  • The name is misspelled as "Pinapple Refiner."
  • You can own two of these if you have received one from a Private Island, then purchased a VIP Server, but there have been some players known to have more than one before VIP servers were added from duplicating them.
  • Upon buying a VIP Server for the Pineapple Refiner, you also receive 3 unreal boxes and 100 uC.
  • The Pineapple Refiner is flipped so it requires flipping to connect with conveyers.
  • As of May 15th, this item cannot be obtained due to berezaa accidentally shutting down all Miner's Haven VIP servers, and disabling the ability to make one, due to the "poor web design".
    • This has been fixed.