"Pirate mercenaries continuously upgrade the value of the last ore that enters their cove."


The Pirate Cove is an Exotic-tier upgrader released on Miner's Haven's Resurrection Update on 9/19/2017.

Once an ore crosses the upgrader part, the ore is then "latched" onto that part. For every yellow flash, the ore is multiplied by 10% (x1.1 upgrade) to the ore until it times out (at 25 flashes) and lets go, or another ore crosses the upgrader.


It is a dusty/sandy dunes theme (with particle effects) with mossy stone features while including some unknown form of symbol. There is also a visible open treasure chest, skull and a sword that sits beside the conveyor.


  • The builder of the item wanted to remake the item with a different overall structure, but Berezaa insisted that the original model be used.
  • When this item came out, the Tesla Resetter did not work on this item, making it only usable once.
  • Hades' Fang functions very well with the Pirate Cove, minimizing the amount of ore going into it while still getting high value.

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