Removed Features

  • There were Multiple GUI's that were replaced with better ones.

The GUI that was used at launch.


Another outdated/replaced GUI.

  • The Lightningbolt Refiner used to be able to upgrade an unlimited amount of times, but was later nerfed due to it being too overpowered.
  • There used to be Private Islands that gave a Pineapple Refiner in Miners Haven. However, due to glitches and people losing all their save data, berezaa removed it, and were later replaced by VIP Servers.
    • You still get the refiner and a bunch of uC due to some following refunds.

Anticipated/Cut Items

  • The Easter Statues, an upgrader planned to be added in the 2017 Easter Update, was cut due to berezaa both forgetting and not having the time to add it.
    • It was first announced it would be added on berezaa's 4/16/17 stream, and announced that it had been cut from the additions on 4/29/17.
  • The Codepls Sign, It is apparently a sign (gear) that says CODE PlS.

    The Codepls Sign.

    • This item was supposedly proposed to be implemented into the game due to a running gag in which berezaa's Twitch followers would invade the chat to ask for more Miner's Haven codes.
    • The codepls sign has become one of berezaa's Twitch subscriber-exclusive emoticons.

The codepls sign textures.

Removed Items