"A small machine that QUADRUPLES the value of every 10th ore. Ore cannot be upgraded more than once. Doesn't upgrade ores worth more than $4,000."


The Plasma Iron Polisher is an Uncommon-tier upgrader that upgrade ore with value under $4k by 400% (4x multiplier). As stated in its description, it only upgrades every tenth ore that enters it. This can be very useful, as 4x is a large modifier (matched by even Reborn upgraders), however it is not very effective because it will not upgrade all ores that enter; only 1/10. As a result, many players use multiple Plasma Iron Polishers to increase the chance of upgrading ores.


  • It bears a resemblance to the Lunar Refiner, albeit being smaller.
  • It is currently the only Uncommon-tier upgrader currently in Miner's Haven.
  • If used in a loop, players can ensure that more ores are upgraded by the "every tenth ore" effect. However, this is not very effective because of its $4000 cap.

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