"A small machine that quadruples the value of every tenth ore that passes through." (CURRENT DESCRIPTION)

"A small machine that QUADRUPLES the value of every 10th ore. Ore cannot be upgraded more than once. Doesn't upgrade ores worth more than $4,000." (OLD DESCRIPTION)


The Plasma Iron Polisher is an Uncommon-tier upgrader that upgrade ore with value under $4k by 400% (4x multiplier). As stated in its description, it only upgrades every tenth ore that enters it. This can be very useful, as 4x is a large modifier (matched by even Reborn upgraders), however it is not very effective because it will not upgrade all ores that enter; only 1/10. As a result, many players use multiple Plasma Iron Polishers to increase the chance of upgrading ores.


  • It bears a resemblance to the Lunar Refiner, albeit being smaller.
  • If used in a loop, players can ensure that more ores are upgraded by the "every tenth ore" effect. However, this is not very effective because of its $4000 cap.