"Pure research-grade plutonium. Don't tell the government about this." (CURRENT DESCRIPTION)
"Plutonium is like Uranium's older brother. Badder, Stronger, and worth more." (OLD DESCRIPTION)


The Plutonium Mine is a Rare-tier dropper that is the only automatic mine with a cost ranging in the hundreds of millions.


  • The ore dropped from this mine is based on the real-life element Plutonium, element number #94 on the periodic table and abbreviated Pu. Real life plutonium is silvery-gray in appearance, highly radioactive, and is used in nuclear weapons and spacecrafts.
  • There is a subvariant of this mine called the Plutonium Excavator.
  • Prior to Part 1 of the Summer Update, it was one of three items to be on the load screen, the others being The Dream-Maker and the Massive Diamond Mine.

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