"A portable device that sets ores on fire, adding $5000 to their value but destroying them in 5 seconds if they don't reach a furnace or get put out."


The Portable Flamethrower is a Premium-tier upgrader. It is a small portable machine that adds $5k to an ore and sets them on fire.


  • The Portable Flamethrower used to only add $100 onto the ore value.
  • This upgrader can be placed before machines that put out fire (such as Freon-Blast Upgrader, Freon Suppressor, Wild Spore, Freon Sprayer and, Tesla Resetter), especially useful in end-game setups.
  • This item is very popular among players that use Frozen Justice, as flaming ore are multiplied by x26 instead of x10.
  • One of the smallest upgraders in the game. (2x2 units)
  • One of the cheapest uC upgraders that can help kick start a low-life player
  • This item can be used to unseal the Crystal Shrine