"Attaches to the side of raised conveyors and upgrades passing ore by 80% up to six times. Doesn't upgrade ore worth more than $1Qn."


The Portable Macrowave is a portable item that attaches only to Raised-ier Conveyors or similar. It upgrades ore value by 80% (1.8x multiplier) up to $1Qn, and is capped at 7 upgrades per ore. This is recommended for 1st life Qn setups as its description states with its upgrading abilities.


  • This is the only portable item that attaches to Raised-ier conveyors.
  • This item was built by berezaa himself as an example of what is expected of submissions intended to be shop items.
  • This item, like Ore Zapper, is one of a few items to have its upgrade cap one time higher than what is stated in the description.

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