"A portable device that can be clipped onto the side of a conveyor. Upgrades ore by 5% with no limit. Ore can only be upgraded 30 times by a Portable upgrader."


The Portable Ore Advancer is an Uncommon-tier upgrader. This isn't the most preferred limitless upgrader for reborn setups because it uses up a lot of space and it takes a while to place all of them down in a desirable position, but it is available for any life and is not very expensive.


  • The Portable Ore Advancer used to be the cheapest limitless upgrader in Miner's Haven until April 7th, 2016, when Berezaa added Ore Zapper.
  • Portable Ore Advancer is one of several upgraders that can attach onto conveyors. Others include the Big Bad Blaster, the Dragon Blaster, the Dragonglass Blaster, the Orbitable Upgrader and the Portable Flamethrower.
  • Portable Ore Advancer is also one of the few upgraders that has a different EffectCap than said in the description; the other two are the Ore Zapper and the Orbitable Upgrader.
  • The multiplier is roughly 4.54 when the ore is upgraded 31 times (20.59 when upgraded 62 times.)
  • On the Resurrection Update, this item's tier changed from Rare to Uncommon, and therefore, its price also decreased.


  • For some reason, the first time an ore touches a Portable Ore Advancer, it is not upgraded. This also applies to the first time an ore touches a Portable Ore Advancer after going through the Tesla Resetter. Because of this, 31 Portable Ore Advancers need to be placed to maximize upgrades from this item.
  • When going through Portable Ore Upgraders, after the first one, it could be random whether or not it is upgraded. This may not be exactly how it works, but ore has a random value after coming through a string of these.
  • The hitbox of the Portable Ore Advancer used to be broken, meaning you could place certain items inside of it, like the Tesla Resetter. This however does not work as of 5/29/17 because of Berezaa fixing hitbox glitching.