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"A raised version of the Portable Ore Advancer. Gives bonus upgrades for ore that it touches."


Portable Ore Enhancer is an upcoming Rare tier shop item to be released in the Invasion Update. It shares its upgrade tags with Portable Ore Enhancer and Portable Ore Stopper. Portable Ore Advancer increases ore value by 8% (x1.08 multiplier) and although it's raised, regular sized ore (1x1x1 studs big) can reach the upgrader part without being raised. It is stronger than Portable Ore Advancer but not as strong as the Portable Ore Stopper.


  • Portable Ore Enchancer is the third raised portable upgrader with the first being Orbitable Upgrader (although it wasn't meant to be raised) and the second being the Portable Macrowave.

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