"A smaller version of the Portable Ore Advancer that can be attached to the edges of your conveyors for bonus upgrades."


The Portable Ore Stopper is a Super Rare upgrader that was released in the Summer Update of 2017.

The Portable Ore Stopper shares the upgrade tags to Portable Ore Advancer and Portable Ore Enhancer. Assuming you only use this portable upgrader of the 3, it increases ore value by 14.9% (x1.149 multiplier) up to 31 times.

The Portable Ore Stopper has a shortest upgrader part out of the trio meaning you would need to have your ores on Tiny Conveyors to make sure they get upgraded. The Portable Ore Stopper has the highest multiplier of the trio, making it the most recommended to use in setups.


  • The finishing multiplier would be about x74.12 (x5493.41 if upgraded 62 times and x407,157.71 if upgraded 93 times!), far more powerful than the Portable Ore Advancer's max at about x4.54.
  • There's a glitch where an ore can get stuck if it's against the side of a conveyor.
  • You can also use this on Raised Mini Conveyors.