"Follow the rainbow and you'll find the perfect place to put your ore! 2017 March Exotic"


The Pot of Gold is an Exotic-tier furnace. It was first seen on March 17th, 2017, and was available during the St. Patrick's Day Event.

The Pot of Gold starts out with a 5,000x multiplier, but for every upgrade the ore has, the multiplier is reduced.

The process multipliers according to the amount of upgrades are as follows:

  • No upgrades: 5000x
  • 1 upgrade: 1000x
  • 2 to 5 upgrades: 500x
  • 6 to 19 upgrades: 200x
  • 20+ upgrades: 100x

A very special factor to this item and the Equinox is that Large Conveyor Ramps can be used to directly insert ore into the furnace section. Other cell furnaces, such as Santa's Chimney and Volcango, require an Ore Cannon.


  • Some may consider the Pot of Gold, Equinox and a few others as cell furnaces simply because of their stats or the way they are built.
  • If you look inside the pot, it turns the ores into a gold-looking color.
  • The pot itself in the Pot of Gold is non collidable, so you can stand inside of it.

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