"An advanced upgrader that increases the value of ore by 40% up to $500,000. Any ore that is larger than 1.3x1.3x1.3 is set on fire when it passes through. Ignited ore is destroyed in 3 seconds if not processed or put out."


The Precision Refiner is a Super Rare-tier upgrader that adds 40% to an ore's value up to $500k. Ores bigger than 1.3 cubic studs are lit on fire. Most players don't use it due to it being a little less expensive than Way-Up-High Upgrader and it sets ore on fire if they are too large. Massive Mines and Excavator Mines do not work well with this upgrader because of their ore sizes.


  • This is the only upgrader in the game that treats ore differently according to their size.

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