"This ain't your granddaddy's ore tracker, this bad boy is made of four thousand karat gold."


The Premium Tracker is a Contraband-tier upgrader that's a reborn proof equivalent to the standard Ore Tracker. It has a gold design unlike the original Ore Tracker and costs uC instead of research points. Some argue the original Ore Tracker costs much more as it's harder to get several thousand research points than only 30-70 uC. The Premium Tracker functions like the Ore Tracker, by displaying the ore value above of ores that pass through, but instead with a gold text instead of blue. It also blinks with a marble texture instead of the expected neon.


  • The orevalue text of ores tagged by Premium Tracker is gold while the orevalue text of ores tagged by the Ore Tracker is blue. The Premium Tracker's text is also slightly bigger.
    • The model underwent some differences as well, the upgrader and the antenna is now golden.
  • This was added after numerous users asked for the ore tracker to be reborn proof, or to have a reborn proof variant because all it does is show ore value.
  • The ore value text of tagged ores will stop updating when you remove the Premium Tracker that the ores were tagged with.
  • Ores from the Massive Diamond Mine and Massive Gold Mine will be able to be tagged but don't fit through because of the bar going across the top.
  • The ore value tag on ores is removed when going through a Tesla Resetter.
    • This also applies to the original Ore Tracker.
  • The Premium Tracker wasn't sold during the whole month of March (since the Innovator event) and the first half of April, only reappearing on April 16.
  • This item gives off a faint blue light despite the item not having any blue on it.

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