"A professional doesn't play games and neither does this upgrader. Upgrade ores by 30% up to 4 times."


The Professional Upgrader is a Premium-tier upgrader that increases ore value by 30% (1.3x multiplier) up to 4 times (a total multiplier of 2.85x). The Professional Upgrader was released during the 2015 Halloween Event starting 10/10/15. With a Tesla Resetter, the Professional Upgrader can be used 8 times on a single ore, bring the total multiplier up to 5.7x. However, this uses up more space. This was known to be one of the worst limitless upgraders until berezaa buffed it in the Layout Update.


  • The Professional Upgrader bares the appearance of 2 Doritos™ Bags, 5 Mountain Dew™ cans, a pair of 'Deal With It' glasses, an Illuminati symbol, and an Intervention Sniper; an obvious reference to the 'MLG' memes.
  • The Intervention Sniper can be used to direct ores in the centre of the conveyor for upgraders such as Freon-Blast Upgrader or Clockwork.
  • This is one of the worst premium items you can get.
  • This item was buffed during the Layout Update patches on 3/4/2018 from a 10% upgrade to a 30% upgrade