"A professional doesn't play games and neither does this upgrader. Upgrades ores by 10% up to 4 times, normally."


The Professional Upgrader is a Premium-tier upgrader that increases ore value by 10% (1.1x multiplier) up to 4 times (a total multiplier of 1.46x). It is noted as the weakest limitless upgrader in the game. The Professional Upgrader was released during the 2015 Halloween Event starting 10/10/15. With a Tesla Resetter, the Professional Upgrader can be used 8 times on a single ore, bring the total multiplier up to 2.14x. However, this uses up more space.


  • The Professional Upgrader bares the appearance of 2 Doritos™ Bags, 5 Mountain Dew™ cans, a pair of 'Deal With It' glasses, an Illuminati symbol, and an Intervention Sniper; an obvious reference to the 'MLG' memes.
  • The Intervention Sniper can be used to direct ores in the centre of the conveyor for upgraders such as Freon-Blast Upgrader or Clockwork.

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