"More advanced research furnaces that produces more Research Points. Requires ore to be worth at least $20." (CURRENT DESCRIPTION)
"A more advanced setup that produces 6 points every 45 ore. Only accepts ore worth more than $20 and processes ore for 1/3rd value." (OLD DESCRIPTION)


The Proficient Research Center is an Uncommon-tier research center. It's the second of the four research centers bought in the shop, and used to be great for new players to get research points.

It does not give much money, however (as it processes ores with the same multiplier as the Basic Furnace).


  • Despite being stated in the description that this item only accepts ore worth more than $20, it actually accepts any ores regardless of their orevalue. What the statement at the description actually meant was that ores worth less than $20 don't add to the number of ores required before the research points could be given.
  • Before the Resurrection Update, it processed ore at a x0.033334 multiplier, making it the 3rd worst furnace in the game and one of the only furnaces weaker than the Basic Furnace.