"A tribute to the hundred evil pumpkins you murdered during the 2016 Halloween Event"


The Pumpkin Hero is a Collectible-tier item, which could be obtained in the 2016 Holiday Event by smashing 100 Evil Pumpkins as part of a quest. It's best to place this upgrader in the beginning of a setup as the extra $500 can lead to slightly higher ore value when multiplied by other upgraders.


  • After obtaining your first Pumpkin Hero, you were unable to obtain another. However, you could still obtain a Candy Bag for smashing a giant pumpkin.
  • Pumpkin Hero is the very first item that required doing a specific quest for a limited time.
  • Upon completing the quest, it said in the global chat "<PlayerName> has completed the Pumpkin Quest!" Along with that, the item is distributed to the user, and the user would receive an exclusive badge.
  • This and the associated badge are no longer obtainable as Evil Pumpkins no longer spawn.
  • The conveyor is currently broken.

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