"The simplest fusion, provides a huge upgrade for any ore that passes through."


The Quantum Clockwork is a Reborn Fusion-tier item released on the 8th of March, 2017. The release of this item was first hinted by OutOfOrderFoxy on his twitter and confirmed on Berezaa's Twitter a while after. The Quantum Clockwork is a clear fusion between the Clockwork and the Quantum Ore Cleaner. Despite the Quantum Ore Cleaner and Clockwork both having relatively quick conveyor speeds, their Reborn Fusion has the default speed of 100%.


The Quantum Clockwork item upgrades ore by x4.5 if the ore is on the sides. If the ore is in the middle, however, the Clockwork beam will additionally upgrade the ore by x5.5, totalling for an upgrade of x24.75. The fine-point beam counts as 1.4 upgrades while the ground beams count as 1 upgrade. If the ore was previously upgraded by a Quantum Ore Cleaner or Quantum Ore Refiner, then it can no longer get upgraded by the yellow "beams" attached to the conveyor but can still be upgraded by the fine point. If the ore was upgraded by Clockwork then the ore can no longer be upgraded by the fine point itself. This means that the fine point and "beams" have separate tag effects and share the individual ones with Quantum Ore Cleaner and Clockwork respectively.


The Quantum Clockwork's design is most influenced by the Quantum Ore Cleaner due to it being a much larger item. The upgrader has a lot of dark parts that were not inherited from either item.


The upgrader parts and capsules are colored yellow and features a slightly thicker upgrader beam which is also a lot taller as it reaches the sky. The top parts of the fine point are more lightly colored and the pointed sphere on top has lost its point and has two perpendicular diamond-plate bars instead while it emits a green gas particle effect. The fine point also emits a small lightning particle effect.

Quantum Ore Cleaner

The pillars to the side of the upgrader are tilted unlike the Quantum Ore Cleaner and Digital Ore Cleaner and featured yellow bands on them. The capsules are almost equally sized unlike the ones on the Quantum Ore Cleaner.

Other / Both

The middle "beam" that would have been inherited by Quantum Ore Cleaner is replaced with the fine point from the Clockwork. The fake ore piles featured in the two ore cleaners are not added in the Quantum Clockwork. Quantum Clockwork has tall spikes on its corners which are not present in either of the two upgraders. Many of the parts had their textures changed from diamondplate to granite and cobblestone.


  • The Quantum Clockwork is the first upgrader in Miner's Haven to have both fine-point and non-fine-point upgrade parts.
  • The Quantum Clockwork is one of five items with beams included in their model. The other items with beams in them are the Orbitable Upgrader, Satellite Beam, Northern Lights, and the Aurora Borealis.
  • The Quantum Ore Polisher and Clockwork combined is a better option then this, as when their combined, they do x35, while Quantum Clockwork does 24.5 times in total.
    • However, using a Quantum Ore polisher and then a Quantum Clockwork will give you a multiplier of x38.5.