"Has technology gone too far? Yes, yes it has. This hacked cleaner easily quadruples the value or ore that enters. Due to the scary nature of this machine, ore can only be upgraded once by it."


The Quantum Ore Cleaner is a Reborn-tier upgrader. It's very useful from beginning to end. It quadruples the ore value no matter how much the ore is worth, but it can only upgrade ores once without a Resetting Device.


  • The Quantum Ore Cleaner has 5 pink beams, but only the middle one works.
  • It has an EXTREMELY similar design to the Digital Ore Cleaner, being pretty much a recolor, and as referenced in the description, it's supposed to be an improved "hacked" cleaner.
  • The Quantum Ore Cleaner was one of the first reborn items added to Miner's Haven.
  • This item is functionally identical to The Catalyst.
  • In one of the patches for the Gargantuan Update, this item had it's requirements changed from 15 to 7 to obtain the Quantum Ore Polisher.