"Upgrades ore by 75% up to $50,000. Ore that passes through it becomes radioactive and has to hit a furnace in 6 seconds or it will explode!"


The Radioactive Refiner is a Rare-tier upgrader that upgrades ore with value under $50k by 75% (1.75x multiplier), and is the only item in Miner's Haven that can make items radioactive. This means that after 6 seconds, the ore will explode and disappear unless processed.


  • This is the only radioactive upgrader in the game, not to be confused with Chemical Refiner, as Chemical Refiner poisons the ore.
  • The radioactive effect used to be unremovable until Berezaa made the Tesla Resetter, which removes tags and effects from ore.
  • Due to the fact that this upgrader will destroy ore in 6 seconds, the usage of this upgrader is limited, and often doesn't reach its dollar cap.
  • This is the only upgrader that makes ore explode, but not kill.
  • Altought the beam is very big, this should be considered a fine point upgrader because it's upgrader beam does not cover the whole conveyor. This would make this the largest fine-point upgrader in the game.
  • Despite this being a fine-point upgrader, it is nearly impossible for an ore to miss the beam.
  • This item can be used with an Ore Collider to create 'ore fireworks'.

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