"A raised upgrader which upgrades ores based on what tax bracket they are in."


The Raised Wide Upgrader is an Common-tier raised upgrader that was added in the Second Sacrifice Update. It adds a sum of value (around the thousands) to ores that pass through it depending on their value. Corresponding upgrades are as follows:

  • <$100 = +$250
  • $100 to $999 = +$1k
  • $1k to $9.99k = +$7.5k
  • $10k to $15k = +$10k
  • $15k to $25k = +$15k
  • $25k to $50k = +$25k
  • $50k to $100k = +$40k
  • >$100k = +$50k

Seeing as any ore with value above $100k receives a +$50k upgrade, this upgrader only sees use if the player has ores worth less than billions. After billions, this upgrader is essentially useless.

This upgrader, along with a handful other upgraders were moved into Research Crates in Innovation: Black Panther event.