"A shielded conveyor helps ensure you don't accidently drop any ore." (CURRENT DESCRIPTION)
"A small raised conveyor that allows loads to be dumped onto lower conveyors." (OLD DESCRIPTION)


The Raised Shielded Conveyor is an Uncommon-tier raised conveyor with blue tilted walls. Its design attracts users due to it being a great replacement for the Conveyor Wall, and was used as a wall before the Conveyor Wall was added. However, the conveyors higher than this item are much more expensive.

Along with a handful of other items, the picture is a little incorrect. In this one, the slanted walls are much smaller than they really are.


  • The old description has the exact in-game description as the Raised Mini Conveyor.
  • "Accidentally" is misspelled as accidently on the current description.
  • This item's tier was changed from Common to Uncommon during the Layout Update