Since rebirth prices went up in the 03/31/2018 Update (The Layout Update/Easter Update 2018), these strategies may be outdated.


This is a place for all ways to get rebirth if you have a rebirth items, we have setups for low life players to even the highest of reborn players. If you haven't done rebirth at all then you should check out Non Rebirthing Strategies, or Misc Strategies.

Very Low life Reborn Setups

Here are all the reborns you can get within the certain tiers. All equipped with special strategies for each.

Life 1-5 rebirth strategies

  • Quantum Ore Cleaner - use it in all of your upgrader setups after the dollar cap upgraders to get rebirth 4x faster.
  • Astral Predictor - this upgrader doesn't upgrade ores right away but 5 seconds to 2 minutes after ore has touched it, this should be the first upgrader right after dollar cap upgraders and before placing Portable Ore Advancers and or A LOT of upgraders. If you don't have access to a lot of upgraders then place this as one of your first items.
  • Frozen Justice - use a Portable Flamethrower or a Flaming Ore Scanner before this furnace to make LOTS of money. Frozen Justice normally multiplies by x10, but for flaming ore, it multiplies by x26.
  • Ancient Temple - a Massive Diamond Mine would've been better for a first rebirth than this. It takes the orevalue and divides it by 7 and multiplies by the remainder. capable of making ore worth $0 so you need to be VERY careful when using this. Not recommended to use this with mines that have random orevalue like Industrial Firecrystal Mine. use a calculator to make keep track of orevalue when upgraded with upgraders and add Fine-Point Upgrader, Ore Purifier Machine, or Cursed Ore Purifier as needed.
  • Sage Redeemer - this is a furnace that multiplies orevalue by the number of times it was upgraded by .5 with a cap of x35. It's recommended to use A LOT of upgraders especially Portable Ore Advancer to make the most of the furnace
  • Azure Refiner - multiplies by x4 AND destroys ore with tag effects such as ores on fire or with sparkles which is why it should be used before all the other limitless upgraders.
  • Dragon Blaster - you would have to be very lucky to get this, 3rd most rare reborn in the game and a stronger version of the Big Bad Blaster, multiplies by x3.7. you can use it by itself before a furnace (especially Blind Justice) or in a loop (make sure you have a good item that puts out fire like a Freon Sprayer).

Low life cell furnace setups

Life 5-10 strategies

  • Tesla Resetter - this is a very powerful reborn item - removes all tag affects and makes it so that you can use the same upgraders all over again. Place all the upgraders you use before it AND after it!
  • Newtonium Mine - one the most powerful mine in Miner's Haven with an orevalue in the billions. Doesn't work with cell furnaces but you can just use this instead of another dropper you would use in upgrader setups. However: the Newtonium Mine's ore is extremely heavy and fling-resistant compared to other ores.
  • Dreamer's Fright - was once the most powerful furnace in Miner's Haven randomly multiply from -45x to 45x and can take away research points from you, so this item is one big gamble. There's no way of avoiding its negative effects, so just place it at the end of your setup.
  • Big Bad Blaster - multiplies by 2.65x and sets ore on fire just use it at the end of a setup next to the furnace or in a loop with an item that can put out fire (like Freon Sprayer). This is (ARGUABLY) better than the before mentioned dragon blaster, because of two main things. First, it is smaller, so much so that 2 of these can fit in the space of one DB, and second, the multiplier is higher with two Big Bad Blasters than the single DB that takes the same space.
  • Lightningbolt Refiner - shortly after it was released, it was patched to not be used unlimited times (safely, now has a chance to destroy ore when used more than twice). multiplies orevalue from 100%-700% AND is activated manually with buttons. Place a Reversible Conveyor before it and any upgraders that set ore on fire after it then the furnace.
  • The Catalyst - multiplies orevlaue by 4x - use it after dollar cap upgraders.
  • Yunium Mine - Yunium ores don't drop directly from the spout, but rather can go in random directions. It can make instant Qn with Nature's Grip (don't worry about flying out with a cell furnace) but place many conveyors around it catch the ore in an upgrader setup. This dropper reaches out 1 space, so you can crowd 4 around 1 Cell Particalizer, three with Thingamajig.
  • Flaming Schrodinger Evaluator - this is a more powerful version of the Schrodinger Evaluator, it's best to place it right before the other limitless upgraders and with walls next to them to not let ore escape out of your base. Most players used to get fast rebirth by placing Big Bad Blasters next to them (make sure you have an item that can remove fire after it or place the items right before the furnace).
  • Ore Illuminator - multiplies orevalue by 5x but ore cannot be upgrade for 5 seconds, for these five seconds you can place 6 Conveyor Ramps or a Large Conveyor Ramp with an Ore Replicator then three Conveyor Ramps or even sneaking in a Wild Spore (life 10+) would be OK as Wild Spore upgrades don't count as upgrades.

Life 10-20 strategies

  • Dreamer's Might - subtracts 1T from orevalue then multiplies by 25x. Not a good idea to use in the beginning of your life but when you can make ores worth FAR more than 1T.
  • Dark Magic - normally multiplies ore by 12x and 45x when remotely activated, you should watch ores as they're getting to the furnace then keep clicking the remote until the ore(s) are in. If you need to, then feel free to use a Reversable Conveyor.
  • Big Bertha - an upgrader that can multiply orevalue by 12x but has a hoop the ore have to be inside to get upgraded. You can place mines that can drop right into ore replicators (like Newtonium Mine or Atomium Mine [life 50+] directly into the Big Bertha or use the following sequence of conveyors to launch ore into it successfully: before the Big Bertha place a Quantum Ore Cleaner, The Catalyst, or any other conveyor with 250-300% speed (ideally The Catalyst) then an Ore Cannon that's two units away from the Big Bertha.
  • Clockwork - a VERY fine-point upgrader that multiplies orevalue by 5x, to get ores into a fine-point a rather successful way is to place REALLY FAST conveyors like Nuclear Conveyor before a turn then a wall right behind the conveyor making the turn then place the Clockwork, or you can simply put a ramp down, and then a conveyor facing the direction of the clockwork
  • Solar Flare - a furnace that processes ore at 20x during the day and 0-40x at night. You can place it and hope for the best or if you prefer one time of day over the other you can place a Reversible Conveyor right before it
  • Wild Spore - Removes status effects. Does not count as a technical upgrader.

Life 20-35 strategies

[ DISCLAIMER: Section still needs a bit of work. Not considering it complete. Anyone may change this if needed. So far, this information is as accurate as it can be. - Sharpness]

Life 40-500+ setup

This setup is completely customisable. You do NOT want too many ores in your setup or it will lag. This can easily get you sp and O.

Newtonium Mine + Big Bertha

Teleporter (sender)

Teleporter (receiver)

1 Astral Predicter

Put 1 or 2 Big Bad Blasters (or Dragon Blaster if you have it) and a Wild Spore

Use 5 Large Conveyor Ramps and 4 Ore Recliners

1 Large Conveyor Ramp and 1 Satellite Beam

1 Ore Recliner

4 Ore Zappers

15 Raised Mini Conveyor

30 Portable Ore Stoppers

4 Large Conveyor Ramps + 4 Ore Steamers

1 Large Conveyor Ramp + 1 Endpoint Refiner

1 Azure Refiner

1 Quantum Ore Cleaner

1 Catalyst

1 Centering Conveyor + 1 Clockwork (if you have one)

3 Flaming Ore Scanners

1 Tesla Resetter

1 Reversible Conveyor

Your best furnace

Big Bad Blaster Loops (Moderate to High Level Rebirth Setup) (S)

BBB Loops are loops that contain few or more Big Bad Blasters and/or Dragon Blasters in them and they can also include other items, such as Portable Flamethrowers and a Flaming Schrodinger, and other limitless upgraders at the end of the Setup. These Loops work properly if the kind of ore used is Newtonium, because that it will travel less when it flies off from explosions, and that it has a high ore value. Industrial Firecrystal Mines can be used, with Big Bertha too, but more limitless upgraders should be put at the end to allow getting Sextillions. If used and built properly, this can give you a moderate to a high chance of getting Sextillions and Septillions and a very rare chance to get Octillions and Nonillions, depending on how many times the ores pass through the BBBs. You can also get a larger numbers, up to Tredicillons if you use loops of money cap conveyors, like Morning Star, or Ore Thermocrusher. It may take you a few tries to get you to the rebirth price; if you are unlucky, either all your ores are destroyed, or the last ore that was processed was not worth enough for a Rebirth.

  • Because of the nerf, in which the Big Bad Blaster's multiplier has been decreased from 3x to 2.65x, it is much harder to get Sx, Sp and Octillions from this setup, though it can still work if you have enough limitless upgraders to put at the end of the setup.

In working with a BBB Loop, you have to control it manually, because it requires 1 Reversable Conveyor to make it work, and what this important conveyor does is to direct the last ores that survive the BBBs to the limitless upgraders and the furnace.

In operating the setup, the first step is to put the Mine (IFC/Newtonium) on the start of the loop. You can stop putting ores on the base by removing the Newtonium Mine(s), or removing the (Triple) coal mines fuelling the IFC. After removing your Newtonium/(Triple) Coal Mine(s), and all/most of its ores are in the BBB Loop, wait until there are a few or a single ore left surviving, in which you will direct these ores to the Limitless Upgraders and the Furnace, using the Reversible Conveyor. Alternatively, you could also use a Painite Mine's hitbox to stop the ore so you can replace one of the conveyors with a teleporter.

For a BBB Loop, there are some parts that you want to add for the Setup:

  • Try to put a Large Conveyor Ramp and an Ore Replicator on the loop. This will restrengthen the flow after it passes one time on the BBBs.
  • Put a Lightningbolt Refiner after the Freon Upgraders and BBBs, which will increase the output of the setup.
  • After the sets of BBBs, put Freon Sprayer/Wild Spore to extinguish Ores from fire. (NOT OPTIONAL)
  • Put a way to accurately center ore before the set of BBBs in the BBB Loop, because the Ores have to touch the
  • Freon-Blast Upgraders or any other freon related item. It's not needed if Wild Spores are used. (NOT OPTIONAL)
  • Put wall segments on spots near the BBBs, to reflect flying ores from the BBBs.
  • At the end of the setup, try to put a powerful furnace, such as Dark Magic, to increase the output even further.
  • If used with an ore tracker of any kind, you can tell how much ore is worth, and is helpful if you would rather not guess how much you will make with this setup. This is optional, but it is recommended.

/note to self; finish/ Advantages

  • It can be a good setup that can produce Sextillions to Nonillions and on and that can be used for hundreds of lives if built properly.
  • It is not too complex for a rebirth setup (It can be built fast in 4 to 6 Minutes if you master on how to build it).
  • Unlike the BBB Abuse Setup below, it only needs a few BBBs to make it work.
  • It can be used with money cap upgraders such as Suspended Refiners or Ore Thermocrushers before the BBB Loop, and Limitless Upgraders after the BBB Loop, which can get you Duodecillions and above quickly.


  • It is not the simplest to build Rebirth Setup, compared to setups that use Flaming Schrodingers and BBBs in series, and BBB Abuse Setups.
  • It may take some time to learn about on how to use it, because it has to be manually controlled, and to be controlled properly.
  • Lag may destroy burning ores before they reach the Freon-Blast Upgraders.
  • For getting high sextillions and above, it will take many ores to be put in the BBB Loop, which will cause lag issues.

The Symmetrical Fracture (semi-low+ lives, sx - low sp setup) (S)

Simple build, yet complex. First, you will need The Fracture and at least one Symmetrium Mine.

First, at $50, somehow manage to obtain 1 conveyor ramp, 5 Nuclears, an equal number of Duplicators as you have Symmetriums, and the number of your Symmetriums x2 for Plasma Conveyors. here is my trick: Place a Symmetrium so that the ore hits the bump on the fracture, near one of the two ends of it. Pictures later.
After you have the items, place them like so: Three things are VITAL. one is highlighted, and the position of where the conveyor ramp, right beside that bump we talked about earlier, and the fact that the symmetrium must be on the one side (you will see in the picture, off the far edge). These are crucial, otherwise the

setup will fail.

Once you reach 2.35sx, which doesn't take long with more than two symmetriums, buy a Cell Particalizer and you will gain a few sx to 30 sx/ore


  • Simple build, once you know where to place everything
  • Nice for a quick setup to use while you check other things.
  • Minimal rebirth items
  • Low ore limit


  • Requires shop items.
  • if not placed correctly, the symmetrium's (not the duplicate) will miss sometimes, or half the sent ores won't make it. (A Symmetrium Mine will only drop an ore when the last ore it has been sold or destroyed.)

Symmetrical Fracture v2

First, place any conveyor leading to an side. Next, place a Symmetrium Mine dropping on its back, then add a centering mechanism to make sure the ore stays on the center of the conveyor : Now place a Clockwork Upgrader and an Ore Negator, then use an Ore Cannon to launch it to The Fracture, will give you enough Sx to afford a Cell Particalizer after a small period of time. Finally, buy a Cell Particalizer and feed it by a Symmetrium Mine placed next to it.

Advantages :

  • Good when you still do not have a Blind Justice.
  • Can also be done with a Lightningbolt Refiner.

Disadvantages :

  • The Symmetrium Ores may get stuck somewhere, making you need to use an Ore Pulsar or an Ore Quasar, as it can happen from none to a lot of times.
  • It needs an Ore Negator, which costs a lot of RP and it is not always for sale.

Nightmare Cell Setup (Sp- Oc)

First, you have to have the nightmare (no? fells bad man.) Then Put the highest upgraders you have, such as quantum clockwork or others. Make sure the total upgrade counter is 13 (10 if you have an anguish.)

Finally, you should make a large conveyor ramp going intoa sage justice. If you don't have a sage justice, place down a ore cannon to a cell furnace (ancient magic would be useful.) Use dreamer's anguish with 10 upgrade counters for maximum profit. (Use ore negator and/or alien relic if you have one to subtract the upgrade counter.)

On the side, build a small cell setup to earn the shop items quickly.

Advantages :

  • Doesn't require much shop items.
  • Easily customizable.

Disadvantages :

  • Requires an expired exotic.
  • Useless in higher lives

Easy Septillions-Octillions Setup (Life 200+)

This setup is very effective in getting high septillions to low octillions.

  • 1 Breech Loader
  • 1 Big Bertha
  • 5-10 Flaming Schrodingers
  • 5-10 Big Bad Blasters
  • 3-5 Dragon Blasters
  • 2 The Catalysts
  • 1 Freon-Blast Upgrader
  • 2 Ore Illuminators
  • 3 Centering Conveyors
  • 2 Clockworks
  • 2 Lightningbolt Refiners
  • 2 Quantum Ore Cleaners
  • 1 Tesla Resetter
  • 1 Scorching Heat
  • At least 23 Normal Conveyors
  • (Optional) 12 Conveyor Ramps
  • Your best furnace

Start with the Breech Loader in the corner. Then, place a Big Bertha under it so that the ores hit it. Place your Flaming Schrodingers next, with the Big Bad Blasters and Dragon Blasters on the sides of the Schrodingers. Use a centering conveyor to lead the ores into the Freon-Blast Upgrader. Next, place a Catalyst after that, then an Ore Illuminator. Use enough conveyors/ramps to get rid of the Illuminated effect, then put it through a centering conveyor and into a Quantum Ore Cleaner and a Clockwork. Then, power the Lightningbolt Refiners so that the ores get upgraded by them. Then, place a Tesla Resetter. After that, put another Ore Illuminator and again use conveyors/ramps to last the Illuminated effect. Next, have the ores go through another centering conveyor. Then place a Catalyst, Quantum Ore Cleaner, Clockwork, and Scorching Heat. Lastly, Place your best furnace. You should have the Aether Refiner or Guardian of the Gate by then.


  • Doesn't take too long to build
  • Makes money very fast


  • Requires lots of Reborn items, some of which are rare
  • Lightningbolt Refiners need to be powered to upgrade ores

Flaming Schrodinger Blaster (High Lives)

This strategy has a high chance to get Qn, and sx., moderate chance to Septillions and low chance to Octillions and very low chance to Nonillions. The start is a powerful mine able to drop into a Big Bertha (i.e. Atomium Mine), A Big Bertha, inside of a Gate of Eclipse (broken hitbox), a Quantum Ore Cleaner, Wild spore, a normal Overlord Device, which is optional, followed by a Catalyst, then Flaming Schrodinger Evaluators leading to your choice of furnace, then Put BBB in the sides of the Flaming Schrodingers.



  • Takes long to get the money.
  • Can cause lag due to explosions.

Big Bad Blaster Abuse (High Level Rebirth Setup)

All that is needed for this one is 14 to 22 BBBs, 17 Plasma Conveyors/Ancient Conveyors, a Newtonium Mine, a Tesla Resetter, some conveyor walls or other kinds of walls, both parts of a teleporter (OPTIONAL), limitless upgraders (If needed), Basic Conveyor, and Dark Magic. The conveyor walls go around the teleporter to prevent the ore from disappearing. The Newtonium Mine goes right next to the conveyor wall in such a way so that the ore still goes in the teleporter. The main setup is 8 to 10 BBBs, a Tesla Resetter and/or a Wild Spore (both to extinguish the flames), another 6 to 12 BBBs, and Dark Magic.

14 to 22 BBBs may not be enough, so if the Rebirth Cost is high, you can also put limitless upgraders (QOC, Catalyst, Orbitable Upgraders, Big Bertha, Overlord Device etc.) before the first set of BBBs, and after the Tesla Resetter (Except Big Bertha). In this way, you can get more money from each ore, and you would need less BBBs to use, making it more common for an ore to come out.

Atomium can be used as a substitute for Newtonium, but this will add to the disadvantage of that it will increase the amount of ores in the setup.


  • If built with enough Limitless Upgraders, this setup can also produce High Sextillions to Septillions and can be used for hundreds of lives.
  • It is very simple and can be built in under two to three minutes.
  • Once the setup is properly built, it doesn't take long to get septillions.
  • Not many ores are in the setup, making mild lag. (IF Newtonium is used.)
  • Using this setup after using Yunium Mine and Nature's Grip allows the player to go from $50 to rebirth in as little as two minutes.
  • The only items that might to be bought from the shop are the Plasma conveyors and conveyor walls (and Limitless Upgraders from the shop if needed), assuming that the player already has premium teleporters. This can be reduced to none, if Ancient Conveyors are used instead of Plasma Conveyors, and if the player has reborn-proof walls.


  • Requires a large amount of BBBs, so the setup can't be done until the player already has few to several hundred rebirths or duped BBBs.
  • Ore lag can destroy the ore before it reaches the Tesla Resetter or Dark Magic.
  • A lot of Ores might be on the setup, making moderate to heavy lag. (IF Atomium is used.)
  • The update on October 8, 2016 disabled upgrading ores for a few seconds after they have been teleported.

True Blinded Justice (High level Setup) (S)

This setup takes advantage of the buffed Blind Justice.

Simply put Atomium Mines directly into the Blind Justice. This will quickly enable you to buy a Cell Particalizer. When you buy that, place it and feed Yunium ores directly into it. This will quickly propel you to rebirth in 2–3 minutes.


  • This is simpler and less luck-based than the Gate of Eclipse + Spitfire Iron Mine method.
  • This does not make lots of lag.
  • You only need to buy one shop item for this setup.
  • This does not need many Rebirth items. This can usually be done after obtaining the blind justice.
  • This can be built in a short time.


  • Using this to rebirth will take a bit longer than the Gate of Eclipse method. If the goal is Sp, then this method is considered to be unreliable to do.
  • When you reach med-high Sx, this is not very effective.

Overlord Setup

This type of rebirth strategy is for obtaining the overlord device. This starts off as atomium mine (or newtonium) going into big bertha into a teleporter, then into a conveyor ramp into a loop. The loop has suspended refiners so ore gets upgraded. It leads into a fire putting out machine, like freon suppressor. Then place dragon blaster or big bad blaster. Wait until only 1 ore remains (remember to take away the mine or else this will not work well. Then take away the dragon blasters or bbb. Then use the reversible conveyors to go through upgraders, into tesla, then into the upgraders again. This has a high chance for duodecillion. If you want, add a ore replicating ramp!

Dragon Blaster Loops (High Level Septillions to Nonillions Setup) (S) (P)

This strategy is highly based on the idea of the Big Bad Blaster Loops Setup. In short, in the setup, Ores, usually Newtonium, loop around a portable Upgrader that sets fire onto them and upgrades them, then their burning effects are removed by an Upgrader that extinguishes them (Wild Spore, Freon-Blast, Freon Sprayer), then after there are a few or one ore(s) left, they are further upgraded by a series of Limitless Upgraders, to increase their value to the value required for rebirth, or some other goal.

The difference between a BBB Loop setup and a DB Loop setup is that in DB Loop Setup, Dragon Blasters are used to upgrade the ore and set them on fire, but on a BBB Loop setup, Big Bad Blasters are used.

This setup can be used if you have at least 1 Dragon Blaster. This setup can be used to get Septillions and Nonillions, if used for rebirth. This can also be paired with a Morning Star Loop, Money Cap Upgrader Loops, and a series of many Limitless Upgraders to achieve the True Overlord Device or just tsTG or beyond, but that is another topic to be discussed.

You have to wait until much of the ores are eliminated to be the maximum value that you want to get. This can be made shorter if you know how much the whole Limitless Upgrader Series multiplies the ore value, and if you have an Ore Tracker or a Reversible Conveyor, since using a Basic Furnace to test ore value is unreliable when there are only a few ores left and if you don't have much time to put the Basic Furnace and connect it with the loop without the items said earlier.


  • It does not require any items bought from the Masked Man.
  • It can be used to get Septillions up to Nonillions if used for rebirth.
  • It usually does not cause too much lag on the server, just like the BBB Loop.


  • Dragon Blasters are rare to get, so unless if you have a few or many Dragon Blasters, it will take several minutes for much of the ores on the DB Loop to be eliminated by exploding or moving off-conveyor.
  • It takes several minutes to build the setup, compared to other High-Level setups that can be built in just a few minutes

Dreamer's Anguish + Symmetrium Mine(Medium-High Level Setup) (s)

This setup is so easy if you get the Dreamer's Anguish. So put the Dreamer's Anguish down, then put the Symmetrium Mine over it then you will get Sx in like 10 seconds, then buy a Cell Particalizer, which is better, and get low SP. Dragonglass mine can be an alternative, if one has it, just spam the button.

Breeched Justice (Lives 250+) (s)

Highly simple setup. In total can crank out rebirths in 30 seconds or less.

Place a Breech Loader over a Blind Justice. This will enable you to buy a cell particalizer within two seconds. Then place Symmetrium Mines over the cell particalizer, due to the length of Symetriums's dropper, you can successfully place four symmetriums around a particalizer.


  • Super fast rebirthing
  • Extremely low setup time.


  • Uses shop items, so not a full reborn-only
  • The Breech Loader+Justice will not be making much compared to the Symmetriums.
  • Is not very useful for rebirthing from Lives 500+.

True Overlord (Lives 250+ True Overlord Obtaining setup)

First, spam rebirthing until you get all of the following:

  • Two or more Morning Stars
  • One or Two Breech loaders
  • One or Two Dragon Blasters (Or three to two Big Bad Blasters)
  • Every other reborn upgrader, including two Overlord Devices.

After that, in a corner, place the two Mornings in a loop. There needs to be 5-6 Nuclear Conveyors then a Conveyor ramp before each morning star, and (Preferably Freon Spayers) some sort of Full conveyor fire extiguishers, Except telsas, like Wild Spore. Make sure that there is two units of space outside of the nuclear conveyors (A Ore Transpoder is 6x6 units. You will replace three nuclears for a trasponder later. Make sure you have the space.)On one of the corners. put one to three (preferable three) Reversible Conveyors then a teleporter.

Put a Birthday Upgrader that goes to a conveyor ramp that drops onto the loop if you have it. Otherwise ignore this step

The receiver should then input ore into a different loop, (Put this loop smashed up against the first to save space) In this loop, put up to two Dragon Blasters, and a Ore Duplicator + Large Conveyor Ramp rig into the loop. Surround it with walls and make sure to cover any unused unit with a tiny conveyor directing back onto the loop. Or a teleport sender back to the loop's receiver. Also in this loop, a reversable conveyor is needed at a corner to redirect ore into a different colored teleporter. Put a Wild Spore or Freon sprayer after the dragon blasters and wherever else on the loop. This is vital for ore survival.

The receiver of that teleporter leads to a trail of limitless upgraders. Here are all you need, you will need EVERY ONE LISTED + ANY MORE YOU CAN THINK OF. Items listed are not in any specific order unless noted. Some are only obtainable under certain circumstances.

After the Tesla Resetter, put a Conveyor Ramp, and a Reversible Conveyor. One side goes back to the receiver at the start of this trail, the other goes to the best furnace you have, and a setup to suit it.


Loop Breech Loader ore with the Morning Star until the Morning Stars are consistently flashing black for each ore.

Then switch the Reversible Conveyor's direction into the Dragon Blaster Loop.

During the Dragon Blaster loop, loop it until there is one or two ore, and it has gone through several times.

Then switch the Dragon Blaster's Reversible Conveyor.

Dragonglass + cells (Life 2-500)

This setup is fairly simple, all you need is 1 Dragonglass Mine, and a good cell furnace, such as Dreamer's Anguish, but if you don't have that, Thingamajig will work just fine. Just place the mine over the cell, and click for the money (Dragonglass is a remote mine). With a Thingamajig, you should rebirth in 1-2 minutes. With Dreamer's Anguish, you should rebirth in seconds.

Octillions setup (life 501+)

Very easy and short setup to make that can easily get you O, and if you are lucky, N, de and sometimes Ud. This is a straight-line setup. You will need:

You start of with the Aether Refiner or Dreamer's Enchantment at the very edge of your base. Then you add a True Overlord Device, followed by a Tesla Resetter, then another True Overlord Device. Then you add the 13 conveyors going into the TOD. On each side of the conveyor you want 2 groups of double placed Dragon Blasters, and 4 groups of double placed BBBs. Then you add your Breech loader and wait.


  • Automatic
  • No loops
  • Easy to setup and remember
  • Easily gets you to O, N and possibly de.


  • Requires 2 True Overlord devices
  • Can cause lag
  • Requires double placing (which many players find difficult)
  • Ore will spew everywhere and will require either segments or an ore pulsar/quasar.

Dragonglass parasite (life 200+)

Very quick and easy setup to build, and can easily get sx, Sp, O and N. Requires very few items.

You will need:

You start of with The Great Parasite placed down in your base. Then you place 4 (or as many as you have) Dragonglass Mines down around it. Then you place your 3 Breech Loaders down and constantly activate your Dragonglass Mines. The value will keep increasing from Qn per ore to O per ore


  • Very fast money
  • No loops
  • Easy to setup and remember
  • Easily gets you to sx, Sp, O and N.

Requires very few items


  • Constant button spamming.
  • The Great Parasite only lasts one life, and therefore is disappear after you Rebirth.
  • Breech loader can glitch and will stack ore.
  • If you reach your ore limit, you will not be able to activate the Dragonglass Mines.

Overlord Device Setup

This setup can take quite a bit of time to build, but it can get qdD to sxD, enough for the overlord device. It doesn't require a Morning Star or a Neutron Star.

You might want to put these things. (The thermocrusher loop goes first)

Do NOT put too many ores.

1 Dragonglass Mine

An Ore Thermocrusher ( or a Freon Suppressor ) Loop

1 Reversible Conveyor + 1 Teleporter (sender)

1 Teleporter (receiver)

1 Astral Predicter (or an Astral Setter)

4 Ore Winders

4 Orbitable Upgraders

31 Portable Ore Stoppers

4 Ore Zappers

5 Ore Recliners

1 Azure Refiner

1 Quantum Ore Cleaner (or a Quantum Ore Refiner)

1 Catalyst (or a Saturated Catalyst)

1 Wild Spore (or a Deadly Spore)

2 Lightning-bolt Refiner

1 Scorching Heat

1 Clockwork

1 Ore Illuminator

1 Ore Gate OR 7 Conveyor Ramps

1 Satellite Beam

1 Endpoint Refiner

3 Flaming Ore Scanner

Anything to make ores back to normal

1 Tesla Resetter

1 Reversible Conveyor

1 Permafrost Refiner (if had)

3 Fast Conveyors

1 Precursor Mine

1 Precursor Furnace

Morning Star Cannon (Life +501)(M-TVg)

This setup takes less than five minutes to build, but requires a bit of double placing and several rare items which are either optional/mandatory.

You will need:


Place the teleporter reciever at the edge of your base, pointed towards the center of it. Place two basic conveyors next to the teleporter, converting it from a wide conveyor to a normal length conveyor. If you are using an Ore Tracker, place that next. Whether you have it in your setup or not, the next would be the Ore Cannon. After the ore cannon comes the Morning Stars in a row. At the end, surround the end half of the morning star with the six teleporter recievers and place the wall to block any still-flying ore from leaving the setup. Place your fireproof mines along the sides of the teleporters so that they will drop directly into the recievers. If you are not using the ore nebula, set up a teleporter reciever and furnace but without the reciever until you are ready to remove the ore from the setup. If you are using the ore nebula, you can place the reciever and pulsar right away. When your ore is ready, you can teleport the ores to the reciever with the basic conveyor and furnace. If you do not want to use ore cannons, just place 5-6 nuclear conveyors and a normal ramp


  • Semi-fast to build
  • Can earn up to TVg
  • Customizable


  • Can drop ores onto the ground or on the sides of the Morning Stars
  • Takes a bit of time
  • Hard to operate without Ore Tracker or Premium Tracker

Osmium Star Loop (Life 501+) (High Sp-QnVg)

This setup is very easy and quick to build, taking only 2-3 minutes.

Start by placing a receiver and then place 3 Morning Stars or Neutron Stars (Or a combination of the two) with a four block gap between them. In those gaps place Wild Spores. Then place a sender of the same colour as the receiver you placed. Then get a bit of money and buy an Osmium Excavator. Then place that and put a conveyor beneath it. Then place a Premium Tracker (Optional) and then place a sender of the same colour. Send four ores into the loop. Then go to a different place in your Base. Leave space for a receiver then place an Astral Predictor, then a Quantum Ore Cleaner after that a True Overlord Device or an Overlord Device followed by a Catalyst and then your best furnace. If you have evolutions of the items in the setup use them.


  • Quite fast and easy
  • Only needs one shop item
  • Works well and perhaps better on a laggy server
  • Can get large amounts of money quickly


  • Ores can miss Wild Spore and disappear
  • Ores can get clogged

True Overlord Device Setup (Life 501+) (Up to ssTG)

This can easily give you tsTG if you build this right. You do not want loads of ores.

1 Symmetrium Mine ( CANNOT BE SYMMETRYTE OR YOUR ORE WILL BE DESTROYED EVENTUALLY) with Ore Replicator (let original symmetrium ore get destroyed) +Ore Tracker + Teleporter

Use a Morning Star or a Neutron Star Loop (6 Nuclear Conveyors + 1 Conveyor Ramp) (Use teleporters so it's not too messy)

1 Dragon Blaster Loop when ores on cap (use on Morning Star/Neutron Star Loop to save space)

Reversible Conveyor

A different colour teleporter

Teleporter Receiver (Same colour as above)

1 Astral Predictor (or Astral Setter)

1 Catalyst (or Saturated Catalyst)

3 Flaming Ore Scanners

1 Wild Spore (or a Deadly Spore)

1 Quantum Ore Cleaner (or a Quantum Ore Refiner)

31 Portable Ore Stoppers + Raised Mini Conveyors

4 Large Conveyor Ramps + 4 Ore Winders

4 Orbitable Upgraders

4 Ore Zappers

1 Large Conveyor Ramp

1 Satellite Beam

1 Ore Recliner

1 Large Conveyor Ramp

1 Endpoint Refiner

1 Lightningbolt Refiner

1 Azure Refiner

1 Clockwork

1 Scorching Heat

1 Tesla Resetter

1 Reversible Conveyor

Loop! (Only once)

Switch conveyor

Precursor Mine (to power it) + Precursor Furnace

Newtonium Star (Life 501+) (QD-TVG)


  • 1 Newtonium Mine (Newtonium Excavator recommended if you own one)
  • 1 Ore Replicator
  • 1 Reversible Conveyor
  • 1 Sage Redeemer (Sage King recommended if you own one)
  • 2-5 Fast Conveyors, Ex: Fool, Discord, Clover, etc.
  • 3 Morning Stars (Neutron stars recommended if you own 3)
  • 3 Freon Sprayers
  • Ore Tracker or Premium Tracker (If owned)
  • 1 Wide Conveyor
  • 1 Conveyor Converter
  • 2 Teleporter Senders
  • 1 Teleporter Reciever

How to set it all up:

Start off by placing an Newtonium Mine/Newtonium Excavator at the edge of your base, next place an Ore Replicator, under that place a Teleporter Sender. Now go to another side of your base and place an Teleporter Reciever along with a Wide Conveyor, Conveyor Converter (In that order). After that you would place a premium tracker or ore tracker but if you don't own those then next would be the morning star or neutron star after that goes a freon sprayer (Repeat the neutron/morning star and freon sprayer placing 2 times after that). After this loop place a reversible conveyor that can go left or right, the right side must have another teleporter sender and the left having 2-5 fast conveyors and after those conveyors you place the sage redeemer/sage king. After that you're all done!

The Pros and Cons:


  • Doesn't take too long to setup if steps followed correctly.
  • Makes tons of money.


  • Requires Masked man items
  • Requires some shop items
  • Ores can get stuck at the conveyor converter

Setups to easily skip lives and Rebirth (ALL NEW, NEW FROM MOST RECENT UPDATE)


Loop Suspended Refiner and Molten Upgrader and maybe Freon Suppressor

Dragon Blaster loop (although that's a bit risky, it's optional)

Next Loop :

Lightning-bolt Predictor

TOD or Overlord Device if you don't have it. (Although you probably already have it)

Quantum Clockwork OR Quantum Ore Refiner and Clockwork

Catalyzed Star OR Saturated Catalyst (if you have both, use both)

Azure Spore OR Azure Refiner and Deadly Spore

Ore Cannon and 4 Ion Fields

4 Ore Zappers and 4 Orbital Upgraders (Or whatever they are) if have

5 Ore Recliners if have

4 Ore Winders if have

31 Portable Ore Stoppers on a raised conveyor if have

1 Pirate Cove if have

1 Arcade Lightning if have (try to get the highest multiplier possible)

1 100M Upgrader (use code 100mil)

4 Industrial Ore Welders

4 Professional Upgraders

1 Ore Collider Loop it's pretty risky and it's optional

1 Satellite Beam if have

4 Ore Steamers if have

1 Endpoint Refiner if have

1 Eggcelent Upgrader if have

1 Santa's Sleigh if have

1 Beehive if have

1 Gingerbread House if have

1 Ghost of Christmas Past if have

1 Festive Spirit if have

1 Snowglobe if have

1 Winterheart if have

1 Executive Pillars if have

1 Santa's Deluxe Sleigh

3 Flaming Ore Scanners

Something to put out fire IS MUST

Ultimate Sacrifice if have (otherwise don't loop)


Tesla Refuter


Your best furnace (most likely Timeless Enhancement if you are a noob, or then Aether Refinery or Sakura Garden)


  • Can get much more than Vgn (vigintillion)
  • Doesn't require that much money
  • if you put it before a Morning Star loop or a Neutron Star loop or a Catalyzed Star loop, you can probably make much more than tsTG


  • VERY LAGGY if you put too many ores.

NOTE: It is unlikely you have all those exotics. Just use the ones you have.

Symmetrium Star and Flaming Blaster

Symmetrium Star (B-NvD):

What you need:

  • As many Symmetrium Mines as you want (Symmetryte will work if you only do one ore)
  • 9x Senders (Any Color)
  • 1x Receiver (Same color as above)
  • As many Morning Stars as you want
  • 3x any wall (Wood, Diamond, etc.)
  • Ore Cannon
  • Ore/Premium Tracker (optional)
  • Reversible Conveyor
  • x3 Basic Conveyors
  • Your best furnace (If you are using one ore, use Eternal Journey if you have it.)

How to set it up:

  1. Place a Symmetrium Mine over any color Receiver.
  2. Put two conveyors in front (two more facing to the right of said conveyors for precision)
  3. Put down your Premium/Ore Tracker if you have it, if not but a reversible conveyor.
  4. On the right of said conveyor (assuming you are facing the button), put an Ore Cannon, two morning stars and 9 Teleporter senders the same color as the Receiver you placed at the start.
  5. On the left of the conveyor, put one basic conveyor and your furnace.

Flaming Blaster (Sx, Sp, O)

What you need:

  • Atomium Mine
  • Big Bertha
  • As many Reborn upgraders as you can fit, but the best to use are Quantum Ore Cleaner, Clockwork, Tropical Breeze, (True) Overlord Device and The Catalyst.
  • Tesla Resetter.
  • 4x Flaming Scrhodingers.
  • As many BBB's or DB's as you own/can fit.
  • Gate of Eclipse (if owned)
  • Any Slipstream upgrader you may get through rebirthing
  • Sage Redeemer (Sage King if owned)

How to set it up:

  1. Place an Atomium Mine over a Big Bertha.
  2. After the Big Bertha, put your selection of reborn upgraders. Personally, I use a Quantum Ore Cleaner, The Catalyst, Clockwork, Overlord Device (I only have one TOD, so I alternate), and a Tropical Breeze.
  3. Put a Tesla Resetter and put the same/very similar upgraders you used before.
  4. Put down four Flaming Scrhodingers, and surround them with BBB's or DB's, as many as you have or can fit.
  5. Put down a Gate of Eclipse, followed by a Slipstream upgrader if you own one. If there is not enough room for the Slipstream, remove the Gate of Eclipse.
  6. Finally, put your Sage Redeemer/King and you are done!

So put these in the same layout, and you can be getting rapid money!

(If you're not lazy, you might get N)


It is easy to set-up.

There is only one shop item.

The reborn items are mainly low life, and easy to get. Obvious exceptions are the TOD, Morning Star, Gate of Eclipse and Sage King.


A lot of ores will blow up the more Blasters you have.

The Scrhodingers and Gate of Eclipse can destroy your ore.

If an ore is set on fire by the first or second Blaster/Schrodinger, it could be destroyed before reaching the furnace.

Obviously, the teleporter glitch.

After Sacrifice Setups

Life 100-499 O-N Setup

Items Required:

N Setup

What you need:

What to do

  1. Get the DBL and make it drop onto the Azure Spore.
  2. Put a true overlord device after the Azure Spore.
  3. Then put a quantum clockwork afted the TOD.
  4. Put down a tesla after the quantum clockwork.
  5. Repeat!
  6. Instead of putting a tesla, put a Ultimate Sacrifice.
  7. Repeat!
  8. Now, get all the exotics that you have!
  9. Get a dark magic/illuminator down.
  10. Wait till you have N/de/Ud/DD/tdD


  • Gets high money
  • Could get you qdD if you put Golden clover blaster in.

Easy TsTg Rebirth For Very S+ Lives

What you need

  • 1 Symmetryte Mine
  • 3 or more Catalyzed Stars
  • 1 or more Neutron stars (Optional you can add regular morning stars if you want it to go faster. Also optional if you have Nova Star
  • Lots of Teleporters
  • Lots of Walls
  • Lots of conveyors
  • True Overlord device
  • Quantum Clockwork
  • Virtual Enchancer
  • Arcane Lightning
  • Discord Conveyors(optional)
  • The Cataclyst
  • Astral Predicter
  • Tropical Breeze
  • Arcane Lightning
  • Ore illuminator
  • Tesla Resetter
  • The Final Upgrader
  • Scorching heat
  • Tracker (optional but recommended)
  • Ore Cannon
  • Big Bad Blaster
  • Azure Spore (Not in image because i dont have it. Yes its very sad when i am life 2.3K
  • Strongest Furnace
  • Your exotics

Now what you want to do is loop until the ores are Tvg. When they are put some walls around and Put the BBB where the cannon is. Catalyzed Star first then Stars. Wait until there is a couple left or your ores are about Qnv or more. Qtv Works too. Place the teleporter to the main setup. Image will be included. Make sure when the ore is in the illuminator, it has a ore gate. IMPORTANT-DO NOT FORGET TO CLICK FOR ARCANE LIGHTNING OR THE ORES WILL BECOME 0. Once it goes through the tesla replace with sacrifice. Repeat above. Once it goes through the setup twice hold the ore in the ore gate. You can use any furnace you would like. Wait for it and your money for tsTG. If it wasen't enough then you are doing it wrong, too little upgrades, not enough blasting. Message me or comment if u have any questions. U can friend me at Zombie0630 just tell me your ign

RobloxScreenShot20180429 191330548

Life 500+ Non-Loop Rebirth Setup (N - de)

For this setup, you would need:

  • Symmetrium Mine
  • Ore Tracker (x2) (optional)
  • Ore Magnifier
  • Astral Predicter
  • Twitch-Powered Upgrader (x2)
  • Professional Upgrader (x7)
  • Scorching Heat
  • Orbitable Upgrader (x4)
  • Quantum Ore Cleaner (x2)
  • Pirate Cove
  • Pineapple Refiner
  • Dragon Blaster or BBB (x2)
  • The Beehive
  • Ore Zapper (x6)
  • True Overlord Device (x2)
  • Portable Ore Stopper (x20)
  • The Catalyst (x2)
  • Lightningbolt Refiner
  • Ore Steamer (x3)
  • Ore Winder (x9)
  • Drone Upgrader
  • Clockwork
  • 100M Upgrader
  • Wild Spore
  • Azure Refiner
  • Tesla Resetter
  • Industrial Ore Welder (x3)
  • Best furnace you have (Preferably Aether Refinery or Precursor Mine + Furnace)

NOTE: All of this can fit in a save file, allowing you to rebirth in mere minutes.