"A heavy furnace that quintiples the value of ore and awards decent research points. Difficult to get ore into."


The Reinforced Furnace is a Rare-tier furnace that was released in The Ultimate Update. It processes ore at 5x their value but is much hard to launch ores in compared to other furnaces. You may be better off using an Elevated Furnace which doesn't need ore to be launched.


  • Players can simply use a Large Conveyor Ramp just before this item, as the long fall will allow the ore to drop into it.
  • A fast conveyor, such as the Nuclear Conveyor, and a Conveyor Ramp can be used. Its speed will allow ores to fly into the furnace.
  • A simple, but a rather risky method, is to use the Ore Cannon. However, ores are not guaranteed to pop in as it holds an unstable trajectory.
  • Using an Ore Elevator and a fast Way-Up-High upgrader, you can also almost guarantee it to hit the Reinforced Furnace.


  • This item has a strange but similar design to the Ore Encapsulator.
  • The Reinforced Furnace and the Raised Furnace are the first furnaces in Miner's Haven that require an alternate way to get ore into.
  • Quintuples is misspelled as Quintiples in the description.