"This big bad wall will ensure absolutely no one breaks into your base. Featuring top-of-the-line KillBrick(TM) technology to stop intruders."


The Reinforced Security Wall is a Luxury-tier Miner's Haven defense item that was added in Part II of the 2017 Winter Event. The wall comes equipped with two trusses embedded in the structure and a beam on the top that will kill players on contact.


  • This item used to be one of the few heavily delayed items, those including Crystallized System and Green Tea Latte.
  • From May 24, 2016 (the item decal's upload date) to the release date on December 23, 2017, this item waited nearly 18 months in order to be finally released, making it the longest-anticipated Miner's Haven item EVER, superseding The Great Parasite.