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Not to be confused with the different variants of the Research Centers.

"An extremely advanced research furnace that gets ton of RP from ore. Requires ore worth at least $1,000."


The Research Center is a Super Rare tier item that is coming to Miner's Haven live servers. Research Center only processes ore worth more than $1K and triples ore value when processed. It also gives the player 10 research points for every 36 ores processed.


  • This is the first research center released in a very long long time (with the last one coming out in 2015) targeted to newer players.
  • This is the second most powerful Research Center of RP Incentive, with the best being the Spooky Research Center. They both triple ore value, but the differences being the Spooky Research Center having an RP incentive of 10RP/30 ores instead of 36, and requiring ores worth at least $50k.

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