Research Points, or RP, are points needed for certain items in the game. There are a variety of items that require a sufficient amount of Research Points, and a variety that gives Research Points. They have a big role in the game. The Premium Mining Gamepass bypasses this rule in the game, which Research Points end up being useless. Anybody with this gamepass only needs to focus on one thing: items from any merchant give out items worth Research Points. Research Crates also give a variety of Research Points.

Items Needing Research Points

NOTE: Both RP, Items, and Sections are to be in order! (Not alphabetical for the item names, sections in shop)

7.5k+ RP items only due to "item flooding".

Item Name RP Needed Cash/uC Needed Section
Mithril Mine 7.5k $42qd Mines
Firecrystal Mine 11k $794Qn Mines
Darkmatter Mine 11k $97sx Mines
Ambrosia Mine 11k $450Sp Mines
Remote Ambrosia Mine 16k $32.5O Mines
The Dream-Maker 7.5k $2.15qd Furnaces
Shrine of Penitence 7.5k $1.4Qn Furances
Cell Particalizer 11k $2.35sx Furnaces
The Black Hole 11k $974Sp Furnaces
Fusion Reactor 16k $1N Furnaces

NOTE: Due to a lot of upgraders after, ONLY 15k RP+ (+ uC Shop), keep decorations!

Item Name RP Needed Cash/uC Needed Section
Advanced Ore Atomizer 16k $32O Upgraders
Freon Suppressor 16k $742O Upgraders
Ore Thermocrusher 30k $10Ud Upgraders
Suspended Lava Refiner 30k $71tdD Upgraders
Ore Transistor 30k $500qdD Upgraders
Ore Transponder 30k $3sxD Upgraders
Dr Berza Machine 7.5k $130qd Decorations
Worldly Illuminator 11k $35.3Qn Decorations
Aman The Survivor 11k $957Qn Decorations
Neon Tree 11k $6.75sx Decorations
Orange Teleporter (Sender) 15k 25 uC uC Shop
Orange Teleporter (Receiver) 15k 30 uC uC Shop
Unobtainium Mine 15k 65 uC uC Shop
Forcefield Generator 25k 15 uC uC Shop
Blinged Badge Giver 1k 999 uC Badges SPECIAL

Items Giving Research Points

NOTE: First 3 are Top 3 RP Givers, the rest are random. Not everything is on here due to "item flooding".

Item Name PP/Ore How to Obtain (Source) & Price Available?
Thingamajig 10PP/8 Unboxing Yes
Eternal Fracture 10PP/10 Rebirthing Yes
Eternal Journey 7PP/10 Rebirthing Yes
Spooky Research Center 10PP/30 2015 Spooky Update, Headless Horseman, $495Ud-3DD No
Sacrificial Altar 5PP/80 Shop 1.37T Yes
Nature's Grip 10PP/200 Rebirthing Yes
The Black Hole -1PP/30 Sec (When Black Hole is Activated Shop $974Sp Yes
Dreamer's Fright -PP/Random Times (Subtracts randomly) Rebirthing Yes
Excalibur 1PP/100 Unboxing/Bought from The Masked Man 250-1.8kuC No
Cell Particalizer 8PP/50 Shop $2.35sx Yes
The Dream-Maker 6PP/80 Shop $2.15qd Yes
Dark Magic +PP/Random Times (Adds Randomly) Rebirthing Yes
Diamond Falls 7PP/65 Bought from The Masked Man $1.7Qn-3Qn Also can get from boxes Yes
Frozen Justice 6PP/90 Rebirthing Yes
Dreamer's Might 1-20PP/100 Rebirthing Yes

Items Bought with Research Points

These are items that could/can be purchased from a Merchant through spending research points.

Item Name Item Price (RP) and Source Available?
Lunar Refiner 18.5K - 40K from the Masked Man Yes
Ore Negator 55.5K - 150K from the Masked Man Yes
Chemical Refiner 57K - 100K from the Masked Man Yes
Alien Relic 38K - 100K from the Masked Man Yes
Molten Forge 39K - 52K from the Masked Man Yes
Hopeless Bog ~500K RP From the Headless Horseman during the Halloween Event 2016. No
Spooktastic Refiner 7K - 13K From the Headless Horseman during the Halloween Event 2016. No